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    Ok so I recently got a hold of a used blackberry bold 9000 off ebay. Everything was working fine until i pressed the red "END" button. The owner had told me that it has constant shut offs, and that the "END" keys sticks sometimes. Now i was aware that it was used and yes it will have some flaws, but i took the risk anyway since it was only 60 bucks. But now i need help getting this thing to work again!

    It doesnt even turn on now!! No matter what I do....I took the battery in and out various times...the LED light doesnt turn on, I charge and it gives no sign of charging.

    note: When i opened that back i noticed that some screws were missing, mind you ive never had a blackberry before in my life so im guessing because there are a few vacant holes.

    Some one help please. I need a phone up and running again!
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    c'mon somebody help a brother out!
    06-28-11 12:27 PM