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    I'm using the bold 9780. I have a habit of listening to music while I go to sleep ... What I wanted to know is that if there is app which can automatically turn off the music player after an hour or something ... I tried using the internal feature of " turn off media player when inactive" but it jus doesn't work ... If anyone knows a solution ill be greatful. Thanks a lot in advance

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    08-18-11 09:36 PM
  2. SCrid2000's Avatar
    I don't know about a media timeout app, but you could set a time for your BB to power down.
    08-18-11 09:49 PM
  3. anish1804's Avatar
    That's where the problem is !!! I can't switch off my phone cause I'm in the kind of business in which I get imp. Phone calls in the middle of the night

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    08-19-11 07:00 AM
  4. Darlaten's Avatar
    If you don't mind listening to the radio, then I suggest the TuneIn app - you can access just about any internet radio/local radio stations in the world and there is an option in the settings that will allow you to set a sleep timer where the app will play music and then shut off at the time you set. The phone will still stay on so you will be able to receive phone calls - jsut the app shuts down. There is a free version avaible that works very well.
    08-19-11 01:58 PM
  5. Batter Pudding's Avatar
    Why don't you just use an hour long playlist? Or set it to play an album and turn off the repeat.
    08-20-11 11:00 AM