1. jacemo76m's Avatar
    hi i am having trouble installing jl_cmder i whent to the thread how to wipe useing jl_cmder i followed the dirstion but it still wont wipe my bold. i am doing this because i think my os is messed up every time i hit the A key it comes out mnmnmnnm and when i click on a app it always goes to the phone list of who you call can someone please help thanks a lot
    06-14-09 04:12 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    Before you wipe your OS, do a battery pull. With the phone on, remove the battery for a few seconds, then put it back. That may fix your problem.

    I have not used JL_Cmder with my Vista laptop, but I have used CrackUtil. You can download it from the link in my sig and use it to wipe your Bold, if wiping is necessary.
    06-14-09 04:38 PM
  3. jacemo76m's Avatar
    thanks that got it to work
    06-14-09 06:47 PM