1. Richard Jagerjaques's Avatar
    Well heres my problem:

    updated to software v (from telus canada which is my service provider)on my 9790 and the screen keeps auto scrolling and acting like i am pressing different areas of it. downgraded to 7.0 operating system (one that came on my phone originally and is stable) then upgraded to guatemala file) and i have the screen moving issue again only worse. i would like some help on it if anyone knows a fix .

    things i have tried:
    battery pulls
    wiping the device before upgrading
    03-27-13 08:52 AM
  2. retomex's Avatar
    Did you delete vendor.xml file prior to installing? If you didn't it might be that you're still at version .523

    If you're willing to try something daring, go with a hybrid. BL's ultimate RC13 with Claro's latest .865 works beautifully on mine!
    03-27-13 09:29 AM
  3. cevag's Avatar
    Not sure what you mean by screen moving? Sounds like you know how to re-install a OS but here's a quick link just in case, look at the advance method if you think you can handle it, (at own risk): http://forums.crackberry.com/tips-ho...ocedure-53359/

    I haven't had any issues with the screen on mine, I've used so many different OS's including the ones you've tried. Good luck
    03-27-13 12:31 PM
  4. Richard Jagerjaques's Avatar
    Thank you for replying retomex and yes I have erased both vendor xml files . I am willing to try a hybrid if someone can walk me through it i know how to use the loader (had to use it since desktop software had issues with me installing the.865 file) but replacing the files and which files to download kind of confuses me..if this were a car I was working on I wouldnt have a problem but technology is my worst enemy without a written guide

    Cevag what i mean by the screen moving is i wont even touch it and it will scroll through the various areas of the main scren so if i have it on the all apps page it will jump from there to somewhere else then it will jump from where it ended up over to another thing like my favourites page etc . open an app and it acts like i am pressing the screen in different areas due to this problem
    Last edited by Richard Jagerjaques; 03-27-13 at 12:45 PM. Reason: cevags post to add details
    03-27-13 12:40 PM
  5. Strikkie's Avatar
    If you didnt remove the vendor files your were not able to load the os anyway
    A hybrid os wont solve your problem. 865 is pretty stable so that should work fine.

    Something really basic:
    Have you tried cleaning the screen and the trackpad?
    And with cleaning i dont mean rubbing it at your shirt, but cleaning it with a not too wet cloth, and dry it instantly with a soft shirt or

    I experienced your problem once and this pretty much solved the issue.
    The screen gets all greasy from your face and fingers so it sounds logical to me.
    03-27-13 05:29 PM
  6. Richard Jagerjaques's Avatar
    screen is cleaned daily I am that particular about keeping it cleaned . note the problem only happens when I upgrade the phone to a 7.1 version of the blackberry OS meanwhile it will run on fine without the problem I want to upgrade it though and the problem is preventing me from doing the upgrade
    03-27-13 08:00 PM
  7. Strikkie's Avatar
    Have you tried searching thenlog files for it? (Alt + LGLG)?
    Or maybe its a app that confuses everything? Have you tried booting without any apps?
    03-28-13 01:59 AM
  8. Richard Jagerjaques's Avatar
    never tried booting without any apps but I will later on today when I get home from work and I will upgrade the phone again to post the warning logs so some of you more experienced blackberry users can tell me whats going on with the phone
    03-28-13 06:49 AM

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