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    Hey guys, I dropped my blackberry 9700 in a pool of water and it was in there for about a minute. I came home and took the battery out and buried the battery and phone in a container full of rice. I took it out today after a week everything was working fine. It turned on and all the functions were working. I decided to turn it off and when i tried to turn it back its gone dead. And when i connect it to a charger the red light comes on and then goes off and that's it. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out.
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    07-17-11 02:48 PM
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    First of all, the warranty wouldn't likely cover water damage. Second, if you got insurance on it, it's best to take advantage of it. Bringing it to a repair shop will be your last straw, as that berry will be choking if you do manage to get it back. Something is likely corroded inside, either the connection to the battery terminal, or the flash memory, the processor or the CMOS/bios chip. How long did the light stay on for? Did it blink? If so, how many times?

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    07-18-11 02:14 AM
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    Sounds like its broken dude. Good news is the 9900 is coming out soon.
    07-20-11 11:09 PM