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    Hi, Im a bit new to this.

    I recently acquired a refurbish BB bold 9000, I'm having problems unlocking it. I cant disable the password on the phone under options > password there is a padlock symbol next to enabled. so it keeps prompting me for the password every 20 secs when its left on idle. also since the phone is refurb & only came with just the unit & charger i had to DL the latest version of the BB desktop manager software on my laptop. but when i connect my phone it prompts me with enter device password required i dont know if its the same password as the one i tried using on the phone every time it automatically locks but when i keyed it in it doesn't work.

    some of the things i did to fix the problem:
    - DL latest version of desktop manager
    - wiped out data on the phone [options > security options > security wipe]
    - deleted vendor.xml
    - upgraded OS to
    - remove IT policy, followed this steps here in the forums.

    yet to no avail. this obviously is a enterprise unit but is there another way to fix this?

    I think i can use the phone, but the annoying password prompt will always be there, I wont be able to backup files & install apps because it will ask for
    the device password required

    hoping that someone can direct me to a fix.

    thank you.
    07-13-11 09:14 AM
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    Ok after hours of repeated resets, OS upgrades & tinkering the phone is now working, though I still cant remove the padlock on enabled under options > password
    07-13-11 11:50 PM