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    I have a T-Mobile Bold 9780, and until today, everytime I was at home and connected to WiFi, calls over UMA were spotty at best. We have been using a wireless router provided by the cable company when we moved(B/G), until today when I hooked up my personal router(B/G/N). My bold connected at least Three times as fast to the WiFi, and switched to UMA almost instantly, which before took a few minutes(sometimes a reboot) to do. Since, I have made a few phone calls over UMA and the call quality has been absolutely amazing, comparable to a land line phone connection. SO, to get to my point, the B/G router was the problem, not my BlackBerry, or at least that's how it seems in my case.

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    07-02-11 10:35 PM
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    Yes I guess this could be a reason why the phone calls are higher quality your router was probably better than the one the cable company gave you.

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    07-03-11 02:04 AM