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    thought i'd share my bb 9900 experience with you.
    i've had it for a couple of weeks now.
    had terrrrrible battery performance to begin with.
    read all kinds of forums and was trying to decide what to do.
    i live in a place where batteries are not readily available .. nor did i want to spend even more money on a new battery after spending a bundle on my new smart phone.
    anyway, i read something about deleting the 'social feeds' app .. which i felt i also didn't want to do (not using it now, but i may in the future)
    SO ..
    I went into the options for the social feeds app .. and into the 'integrated applications' sub category .. i unchecked ALL the applications. then i went into the 'notifications' and unchecked everything in there. so the app was essentially disabled but still installed.

    the result was that i got 'better' battery performance but still not as i had hoped.
    finally, i went into the 'facebook' mobile app and set the 'check for news feeds' tab to NEVER!!! (which still allows you to receive FB notifications)

    people, i am now getting very very good, almost excellent, battery performance. I would say i use my phone on a medium to heavy load and am now getting a day and a half minimum .. sometimes more before i have to charge up.
    hope this helps some people.
    ciao tutti.
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    09-11-11 01:54 PM
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    Facebook is a power grubbing wh*re. She sits there sucking all the energy out of your phones power teats right until your phones teats shrivel up and DIE!

    She is a greedy! Gluttonous! Power hungry B!tch!


    *Ahem*, now that I got that out of my system....

    Yeah when I had Facebook refreshing feeds every hour, I thought my phone had a bad battery. I would only get around 10 hours of battery life if my phone sat without even using it. If i used it the slightest I would get about 6 hours of use... it was terrible. So I told it to update to "Never" and my battery life has improved exponentially!
    09-11-11 02:04 PM
  3. Jado_77's Avatar
    yes!! so i'm not alone and i was right!
    i love tackling problems like this with such intricacy until i pinpoint what the **** is causing it.
    glad to hear it!
    now now, let's not go all psycho on good old facebook. she does have her positive side.. it's just not 'mobile' ah ah.
    09-11-11 02:37 PM
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    Anybody know of a setting to disable receiving the FB notifications / alerts (without logging out of FB) so that you only see new notifications if you open the app and "fetch" the data ?
    09-11-11 03:05 PM
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    yeah! I had a similar problem with my 9900 as well. it was almost like the battery was going down while i was staring at the phone!!!!!
    other things i did to make my battery last longer ( i actually got them off a post on crackberry but i cant remember the title)
    - i reduced the display brightness from 100% to 10%, (and i almost dont see a difference!)
    -wireless on only if needed
    - I changed from 4G/3G/2G to 2G in my network settings
    - and i ensure i never have more than 8 apps in the background!
    now, i'm at 50% or so in 24hrs! (and i'm always on BBM and whatsapp and have them make the phone ring out and vibrate with each new message)
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    09-11-11 03:44 PM
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    Anybody know of a setting to disable receiving the FB notifications / alerts (without logging out of FB) so that you only see new notifications if you open the app and "fetch" the data ?
    go to facebook options. theres a checked option regarding facebook notifications. uncheck and you are good to go.
    09-11-11 03:51 PM