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    First off everyone has been very helpful here so far so hoping that continues. Long story short our business works with an outside vendor who is providing me and one other employee with verizon 9930's. Their company uses verizon hence why they purchased them there. We are on ATT so the plan is to unlock them and use them on ATT. First off I do know that 3G will not work and that is fine for us because in our area we rarely have 3G anyways (yes country farm life does suck sometimes). The phones were ordered today and we will be receiving them this coming monday. The question I have is what am i going to need to complete the switch over of these phones? I already have a way to get them unlocked so that is not a problem. From that point on is there any step by step guide? I've read some posts about service books and all that and i'm not quite sure i get that or how to do it? The post stickied above on mms wasn't really helpful to me as it didn't make much sense. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated....I do have a week to prepare so see how this goes I guess!
    09-05-11 09:51 PM