1. Vytautas Tek's Avatar
    I was flashing new updates from pc to bold 9900, and in the middle of this pc crashed, and now, when i start phone progress line stops at one point and nothing else happening. can you guys give me some information on this issue.
    Thanks for any help guys
    10-16-13 08:12 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    10-16-13 08:23 PM
  3. SW29's Avatar
    Well. It's seem your device is bricked.. You may reload the os via bb desktop manager without battery. Yet in between while reloading, you need to plug back the battery once you saw jvm screen pop up.. That's my experience.

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9780 using Tapatalk
    10-18-13 08:40 AM
  4. Fear of Oneself's Avatar
    I had a similar issue with my 9900. The newest update for whatever reason couldn't install properly. (corrupted download?) The progress bar would stop about 75% of the way in, then the screen would go all white.

    I fixed it by downloading the second newest update and letting it install all the way through. Took a solid half hour, but it fixed the phone. Good luck!
    10-18-13 08:43 AM

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