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    Good afternoon. This is my first post. My apologies if there is an introduction thread and I have not posted in it.

    I used to have an 8330 and now have the 9650 (I recently updated the OS to on the Sprint Network.

    One problem I always had as lik many of us is the 160 limits on the sms. That has been eliminated with the .600. It's a bit annoying that I still get txts in parts if someone sends me a txt with more than 160 characters.

    One feature which I enjoyed on the 8330 was sending text via MMS. I was able to send an MMS with a subject line as well as text that was more than 160 characters.

    With the 9650, I do not or am not able to find a way to send an MMS with text the same way. I can send pictures, video, and other files through MMS, but when I start typing, I see the 160/7 count down and am not able to label it by subject as I did with the 8330 os4.

    Everywhere I look, even when I called Sprint, I was told go to text>menu>compose MMS. I'm not given that option on the screen.

    I already searched the net, called sprint(no help) and also did a search on this site before starting this thread. If the answer is here, I apologize for wasting your time reading my post.

    My question is how am I able to send an MMS with a subject line and include text with more than 160 characters where it wont break it down by parts to other mobile users that are restricted to 160?

    Thank you for any helpful responses and taking the time to help me find a solution.
    08-10-11 01:30 PM
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    Good day all, can someone guide me where I can find information that can help me in sending texts as MMS on the 9650 as I used to be able to do on the 8330?

    Much apprecieated.
    08-12-11 12:43 PM
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    ptrusso, I do not believe that the option is there on the 9650 or some of the other new devices. I know that with my phone it just adds the Picture to a sms message and it sends that way. I know that doesnt answer the question but I have looked myself and have not found the spot for that.
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    08-12-11 03:20 PM
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    I appreciate your response. What I tried was attaching a photo and adding the txt above the photo. I sent it to a few people with varying mobile services. When I see them, I'm going to see how it was received.
    When I do it that way, the txt seems over the 160 and the 160/7 does not show above the txt window. But if I remove the photo, the 160/7 appears.

    Still a work in progress.
    08-16-11 08:41 AM
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    with .600 they updated the sms code to allow for more than 160 characters to be sent at once. It still breaks them when you send them to someone else, but now you dont have to send individual texts. you can keep typing until you finish your thought.

    I believe the messaging system differenciates between mms and sms when the picture is added/removed.
    08-16-11 03:05 PM