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    I'm sure that many of you might laugh at this posting, but I find my story somewhat humorous and is a testament to my love of BlackBerry.

    I'll admit, I was a late comer to the world of BlackBerry having purchased a Curve in 2008. Previously, I owned Nokia devices (non-smartphones) and had no real need for a smartphone. When I first purchased my Curve, I immediately was hooked. Having the power of the web and email literally at my fingertips was, well empowering. I no longer needed to be at my desk to accomplish what I really needed to do...communicate.

    I enjoyed the bounties of the Curve for the better part of 18 months, when I purchased the Bold 9700. I know many of you were critical of the 9700, as it was a "downgrade" from the 9000 (a device I never used). Simply put, the 9700 turned solidified my love of BlackBerry devices. When 6.0 came out, that love grew even more.

    I used it from November of 2009 until this past May, when it was suddenly and abruptly taken from the palms of my hands. Literally, the phone was smashed on the ground by two unknown accomplices at 2:00 am on a Thursday night. Having patiently waited through the spring for the 9900, I simply could not wait any longer and I left my BlackBerry. The next day, I purchased an iPhone.

    Let me preface this paragraph by disclaiming that I am an Apple person. I've owned a Mac since 2006, and simply love everything that Apple has done for the world of computing. I own an iPod, but not an iPad.

    I was not at all impressed by what the iPhone 4 has to offer. The phone itself is pretty, but did not rest in my palm like the BlackBerry does. I quickly realized that I do not use a smartphone to play games or spend $1.99 on the newest apps that are out there. I use my smartphone to talk on the phone and message. My smartphone needs to have the quickest email/messaging services, and needs to be as accessible as possible. The iPhone offered none of these.

    Luckily, I found my antique Curve 8310. I had that little guy activated as soon as possible and returned my iPhone to the boys at Cupertino ASAP. Ah, the comfort zone was re-established. I could finally, once again need to do exactly what I needed without the troubles (or looking like a ******) of the iPhone.

    Once again, night time struck two weeks later. Once again, I was without my BlackBerry. But this time, greater minds prevailed and I purchased the Curve 9330. It was then I quickly learned why RIM's stock fell through the ceiling. It was a **** poor device. Nothing on it seemed to work the way it felt like it should. It felt like a cheap device. The plastic made weird sounds when I gripped it. The software upgrade didn't load properly. I was unsatisfied, but in a happier place than I was with the iPhone or the 8310. Furthermore, it was sold to me as "practically a Bold 9700" as claimed the sales rep.

    Nonetheless, I felt like a sell-out. Disappointed that I had used my two year upgrades first on an iPhone, and then on the 9330. I had been waiting for so long for the 9900. I couldn't live with myself knowing that I wasted my upgrade on a device I returned and a subpar BlackBerry (not to diminish the experience others with the 9330 enjoy as I'm sure you're out there).

    Out of cell phones to re-activate and knowing that I wouldn't be able to afford an out of contract 9900, I felt defeated. Might I have to now wait for QNX to be my next BlackBerry? Friends, the Lord works in mysterious ways (and we all know he uses a BlackBerry) as I found an old Nokia that I used prior to procuring a BlackBerry. Promptly, the Curve was returned. The Swedish friend was charged up and turned on, and once again, I need to check my emails from an actual computer as I patiently await the return of my true love...

    I hope this fable is read somewhat tongue in cheek, but it is a true story and should serve as proof that there is "brand-loyalty" out there still. Lemmings will be lemmings and get the "next great phone" simply because they are lemmings. Most of you who read these are not lemmings. I see lemmings elsewhere in the blogosphere who appreciate zero value apps that do nothing to get them anywhere ahead in life. I see lemmings in real life who try to show me how sweet their latest Android device is, or how they can't believe I returned the iPhone.

    Quality over quantity.

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    07-11-11 06:26 PM
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    That is freakin long!
    07-11-11 07:08 PM
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    I enjoyed that stay strong, its coming..soon! Lol

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    07-11-11 07:42 PM
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    Good. Sttory bb forever.

    Talk about cheap devices though.

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    07-11-11 08:07 PM
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    Somewhat similar to my story - I lost my 9700 3 months before my upgrade and the lady at AT&T said I could have my upgrade there and then under the circumstances. To be honest all I wanted was another 9700 but she informed me they didn't carry them any more and my only "high-end" BB option was a Torch. Hmm, maybe I would like it.

    But I hated it for many reasons. And imagine how I felt when I then found out the 9900 was coming out - sigh, my ideal phone. What a bummer, I'd used my upgrade on the Torch. I went to the AT&T store and begged them for some kind of break, some way of getting around my predicament. But there was nothing they would do. So I resigned to the Torch and even contemplated buying a full price 9900 when it came out.

    Then it hit me - I still have my old 9000 in the draw! It got dusted off and switched on, but the battery was totally gone, unable to recharge. No problem, I bought a new one, good as new. Took it to AT&T and asked if I could return the Torch, reset my upgrade and get my 9000 registered. Sure, they said. So I've been enjoying a few blissful weeks of retro Blackberrying on my 9000/5.0, and buzzing with excitement about the 9900 release. Cinderalla, you *shall* go to the ball!

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    07-11-11 08:22 PM
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    losing mind over a phone huh?people should see this is not a love story of the ages of two human beings.
    07-11-11 09:07 PM
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    Statehouse - maybe stay away from those late night encounters with bad people who break your blackberries. Gotta take better care man.
    07-11-11 11:26 PM
  8. Bonnie Bonzai's Avatar
    Statehouse - maybe stay away from those late night encounters with bad people who break your blackberries. Gotta take better care man.
    07-11-11 11:27 PM
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    Similar story. I have two accounts--a personal account with AT&T (I've been there since forever, first with Cellular One with a bag phone and when AT&T bought Cellular Onme...) and one with VZW since 2006 for business.

    Recently, I had a contract renewal with AT&T and there wasn't a BlackBerry I wanted so I got a HTC Inspire 4G, knowing I had a new every two coming up soon with VZW. The Inspire is a good phone, but I don't get my emails so fast (you have to go to email and hope they come in) and text messages are iffy at best. The thing is fast and even faster on their fake 4G network, but it's not a Blackberry. If anything, it showed me what the opposition has and even though it's faster than an iPhone (with no lag at all) and you can surf the web at light speed over either Wi-Fi or that puesdo-4G network, I don't get my emails, texts, or notifications in a timely fashion.

    So, I wait patiently for the 9930 on VZW. Well, not so patiently. VZW tried to get me to go to the dark side with the iPhone 4, promising me a $149 deal (and telling me the Bold 9930 would be at least $249), I didn't bite. Come on, RIM. Get this thing out!
    07-12-11 12:17 AM
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    Friends, the Lord works in mysterious ways (and we all know he uses a BlackBerry)
    LOL.. love that part.
    07-12-11 05:17 PM
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    Fyi nokia is finnish, not swedish;-)

    Why not buy a used blackberry on ebay or something??

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    07-12-11 05:37 PM
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    A story nicely told. It is a journey of reaching out and finding what fits you.

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    07-12-11 06:06 PM
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    I would argue that by being so loyal to a brand, you are a lemming. The unofficial "Lemming Guidelines," do not discriminate upon your reason for following a particular piece of matter. Brand loyalty is the curse of a follower.
    07-12-11 09:39 PM
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    I must admit that I too have been waiting for a touch screen BlackBerry since I bought my Tour in 2009. Your story is a little over the top though... And I thought Harry Potter fans were crazy
    07-15-11 06:41 AM
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    I am not getting it. Who is it that keeps breaking your phones?

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    07-15-11 06:50 AM
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    This phone cant get here fast enough for me. I really need HotSpot on my Torch.
    07-15-11 09:59 PM