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    Well I'm a long time blackberry user after having an affair with an iphone 3GS and 4,and also an android HTC phone I came back to blackberry last year.

    I got a torch 9810 and it wasn't doing it for me so I picked up a curve 9360 it was great,till it was dropped in a lake. So I got at&t to upgrade me early and decided to try the Z10.

    It was a nice device and awesome OS,however in the after a week I just couldn't warm up to it. I guess to me it just wasn't a Blackberry if you know what I mean? So I exchanged it for a Bold touch 9900 and all is right with the world now in my land of blackberry.

    This device is awesome its everything I Loved about my old Bold 9000 and then some. The build quality is amazing I love the brushed stainless steel benzel as well as the battery cover (is it glass or carbon fiber?) and last but not least this keyboard its just the best.

    So while I liked the Z10 and BB10 I just decided the Bold touch was the better device for me. Well that's it just wanted to share my love for the Bold 9900 thanks for listening.

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    04-20-13 04:43 PM
  2. merp23's Avatar
    the keyboard on the bold makes everything worthwhile, I keep finding excuses just to type on my bold.
    04-21-13 02:24 PM
  3. szelim's Avatar
    I love the 9900's keyboard too. The only thing I don't like in this smartphone is the battery life.
    04-21-13 02:26 PM
  4. Couver81's Avatar
    It is a great device. I waffled between an S2 X and a 9790 before getting the 9900 last fall. As silly as it sounds everything just felt right once I picked the 9900. It just works well for me. I really feel like the OS 7 devices were underrated. The 9900, 9810, and 9360 are great phones. I'm just sorry the other two are mostly EOL on most carriers. I'd love to have a 9360 around as a spare as I'm still not sure I want to jump to BB10 just yet.
    04-21-13 03:22 PM
  5. Chems's Avatar
    I have had the bold 9000 for just over a year now. It was my first smartphone and it I have learnt a lot about smartphones and blackberry since I got it. I had a lot of problems with the OS at the start. My main angst with the bold 9000 is the lack of application memory space on an otherwise awesome quality phone. THe battery life didn't bother me after I got a 3000mah extended battery for it which was amazing.

    I knew the 9000 wasn't a keeper with all the rebooting it needed so I've been researching for a new phone for some months now. I knew iphones weren't for me as you can't get to the battery which are very poor. I toyed with the idea of samsung galaxy s3 or s4 but finally saw sense as the prices were ridiculous.

    I checked out other blackberry models but something was always amiss, whether lack of keyboard, lack of memory, poor browser.

    I finally settled on the bold 9900 as it seemed to have everything I needed and I was watching the prices on Amazon and I grabbed a cheap brand new one that was listed last week...well 189 is not pocket money but for a brand new quality smarthphone it is a decent price.

    I've spent some hours setting it up and it was fairly straight forward. If your are used to the bold 9000 then switching to the 9900 is very familiar. The bold 9900 is amazing it is basically a classier version of the 9000 and the touch screen is very handy. I love having the extra memory, even if app world isn't anything to shout home about!!

    I've already ordered a 3500mah extended battery for it which should be here in about a week. So I'll have to suffer the frustration of poor battery for a few days even though i've switched to 2G and turned down backlighting etc the battery is nearly drained since fully charging 11 hours ago...you may say that's not bad but I need more than that for when I'm out late.

    The browser is much better than on the 9000 and web pages actually load!!! not only the mobile versions

    I'm sure I will discover more as I explore and get used to the device over the next few days/weeks...but I know i've made the right decision. It feels so familiar and there is none of the anxiety that comes with having to get used to a new piece of technology.

    I fully recommend the 9900
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    05-31-13 09:15 PM

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