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    Hey Everyone I was Chatting With A Sprint Agent And This Is What Happened , But The Session Ended Suddenly , Guess I pushed Him Too Far Lol ... But There IS Somewhat Of Confirmation ...

    at with us
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    You are on a secure session with a Sprint Specialist.
    Session ID: 3453926

    4:17:47 PM EDT : Connected to sprint.ehosts.net

    4:17:47 PM EDT : Session ID: 3453926

    4:17:47 PM EDT : SCHINICKEL: Initial Question/Comment: Im trying to find out if the blackberry bold 9930 will be released on time on august 21st ? If so will there be a pre-ordering option for premier customers?

    4:17:52 PM EDT : You are number (2) in queue.

    4:17:58 PM EDT : Please wait and the next available account specialist will be with you shortly.

    4:18:12 PM EDT : You are next in queue...

    4:18:17 PM EDT : If you are chatting today for Technical Support, please call 1-888-211-4727.

    4:18:32 PM EDT : Randall H has joined this session!

    4:18:32 PM EDT : Connected with Randall H. Your Reference Number for this chat session is 3453926.

    4:18:32 PM EDT : Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Randall H.

    4:18:52 PM EDT : SCHINICKEL: hi Randell

    4:19:03 PM EDT : Randall H: Hi.

    4:19:08 PM EDT : Randall H: I am happy to help you. Please hold a moment while I access your account.

    4:19:15 PM EDT : SCHINICKEL: ok

    4:21:18 PM EDT : Randall H: Thank you for waiting.

    4:21:46 PM EDT : SCHINICKEL: np

    4:23:08 PM EDT : Randall H: I want to inform you that currently we don't have any updates of blackberry bold 9930 that when it will be launch so once we have any updates, you will be notify through our website.

    4:23:34 PM EDT : SCHINICKEL: are you sure ??? Lol You have to know something

    4:23:38 PM EDT : SCHINICKEL: Prices leaked .. Blackberry Bold 9930 for US$ 249.99 and Touch 9850 for US$ 149.99 - Sprint News & Phone Reviews from SprintUsers

    4:24:48 PM EDT : SCHINICKEL: http://crackberry.com/leaked-sprint-...30-august-21st

    4:25:10 PM EDT : SCHINICKEL: You have to know something these post are everywhere ...

    4:25:28 PM EDT : Randall H: let me check it.

    4:25:39 PM EDT : SCHINICKEL: thank you

    4:25:55 PM EDT : SCHINICKEL: You can tell me i won't tell Lol

    4:26:43 PM EDT : Randall H: There is no updates of pre ordering of Blackberry bold.

    4:27:10 PM EDT : SCHINICKEL: ok , but will it be releasing on August 21st ? Lol

    4:27:33 PM EDT : SCHINICKEL: I'll drag it out of you one way or another .... Lol

    4:27:58 PM EDT : Randall H: Yes, I have just located the informations that officially it will be launch on August 21.

    4:28:31 PM EDT : SCHINICKEL: YESSSSSSSS !!!! Your not just saying that to shut me up are you ? lol

    4:29:08 PM EDT : Randall H: So if there is any new updates in regards to ordering this phone, you can check in our website.

    4:29:09 PM EDT : SCHINICKEL: Anyway possible you can send me a screen shot of that confirmation ? lol

    4:29:31 PM EDT : SCHINICKEL: not trying to be pushy or anything ...

    4:31:15 PM EDT : SCHINICKEL: Be A Bro Buddy Help A Crackberry Addict Out !!! Lol

    4:31:16 PM EDT : Randall H: Please allow me a few moment .

    4:31:27 PM EDT : SCHINICKEL: Thank You

    4:31:44 PM EDT : Randall H: So that I can check with our appropriate team.

    4:32:00 PM EDT : SCHINICKEL: Take All The Time You Need !!! Lol

    4:35:00 PM EDT : SCHINICKEL: Session Ended
    08-14-11 04:40 PM
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    You used a lot of "Lol" so I'm not sure if he took you seriously, but funny though.
    08-14-11 05:01 PM
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    Lol I was just trying to get him on my side so he would give the information I needed , You may be right though ... Lol bahahahahhaha
    08-14-11 05:06 PM