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    Hi y'all,

    Since I registered myself here at CB I read thousands of topics. Out of all these topics there is one topic I really HATE....people that have the White Screen of Death issue with their Bold....I could always imagine how someone would feel when that sh** happened to their precious BlackBerry Bold.

    Two days ago, late at night, I had the same thing....White Screen of Death on my Bold out of nothing....just white, it was just lying in my kitchen doing nothing.

    The weather was bad that night, rain, storm, lighting and sh** like that. Unfortunately my kitchen table that I use for working with my notebook is in a corner of my house with bad signal so my Bold had some issues finding signal every now and then when I had it next to my notebook.
    So I put it in my kitchen near a closed window, about 6 meters away from me.

    Around 02:00am I wanted to go to bed and when I wanted to get my Bold I noticed the backlight was lit so I wondered who the **** would text/pin/email on this time at night. But nobody did....the screen was just all white.

    I thought WTF, what's this and thought it maybe is caused my an app I installed that day. So I did a Battery Pull and nothing, still white!

    Hooked it up to the notebook, started DM and it connected without problems so I made a backup and reinstalled the OS (well I had .266 and thought this could be a good time to also perform an upgrade so I installed .297).

    I installed .297 after wiping my device with JL_Cmdr, but the screen was still white! I did make a screenshot with JL_Cmdr so I was 100% sure the phone was working, it also accepted calls, messages etc. Several Battery Pulls later the phone still didn't work so I left it powered on and went to bed around 3:30am :S

    The next morning NoGo, still the freakin' white screen! After that I did a Battery Pulland left the battery of for 3 hours and after that the Bold WORKED!! Worked like normal again. Did another Battery Pull because my Sim Card wasn't in (just like my SD card) and after that it just worked like normal so I was happy again

    After using it for a few hours I wanted to install BBM5 and after that update WTF!!!! White screen again!!! Wiping it with JL_Cmdr and reinstalling .297 or even the newer .301 and a Battery Pull of at least 10 hours didn't fix it. At that point I thought I was going insane
    After googling some stuff I have read some topics that the 6 screws could cause the issue, having something to do with too much or too less pressure on the screen. I thought yeah right, short circuiting of the LCD could be the issue, but the screws forget it!

    Because I was clueless I still wanted to try the screw trick and after removing them and putting them back I powered on my Bold...NoGo, again the freakin' white screen! Doing a few more Battery Pulls and a little pressing on the corners of the LCD, it suddenly worked again!
    I immediately thought you gotta be kidding me, but no the screen stayed on! Redid the steps I did with reinstalling BBM5, removed the screws, tighten the screws, but no matter what I do the screen stays on!

    So for all the people having the same fu***** issue, try these steps, maybe it will also fix your White Screen of Death issue!

    Thanks for reading my scary story folks
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    08-30-09 09:03 AM
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    Haha sounds like a great experience. I'm glad you got yours fixed I would have been freaking out.

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    08-30-09 09:14 AM
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    thank you thank you!!

    after trolling google for 2 days straight, updating re installing, patching, downgrading, upgrading, battery pulls, B/B time outs. the only thing that worked for me was the dis-assembly, pulling out the LED, nudging the track-pad,& re seating the LED and Voila! worked!

    This is obviously due to some poor design issue! shame on B/B!

    I thought I had 2 bricked devices and this post came to the rescue.
    You Tube assembly vid also helped.

    search for "BlackBerry Bold 9700 assembly tutorial"
    08-11-11 07:39 PM