1. KirstyLou's Avatar
    Hi Guys, I went to bed last night and put my phone on charge as normal, woke up this morning and it was turned off and will now not turn on. I thought it was the battery but after putting my battery in my boyfriends phone and it working I realised it cannot be the battery...I also tried his fully charged battery in my phone to no avial.

    I have connected my phone to my laptop and when blackberry desktop manager loads up it says not connected and to either 'retry' or update, when i pressed update it said there is a update for version 7.0 (did i want to install the update 7.0 Bundle 2406 (v7.0.0.585. Platform5.0.0.734) so i pressed get update and it started, it installed a driver of some kind (so technical yet again!!) but that couldnt connect to my phone to complete the rest.....

    so now im stuck and have no idea what to do?? is it beyond repair and im gonna have to get a new phone? or can anyone please help me

    Thank You
    01-14-12 08:23 AM
  2. BUSPBP's Avatar
    My friend's UK O2 phone also got bricked few days ago and I'm trying in vain to revive it. It's hard to think bad about BB devices that I'm a fan of, but having heard about this issues from many users quite a long time now and having seen no efforts from RIM to respond to it is very much frustrating to me.
    01-14-12 08:36 AM
  3. Legal Eagle's Avatar
    Sorry to hear that your phone has died.

    Maybe this thread will help you to revive it.

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    01-14-12 08:45 AM
  4. KirstyLou's Avatar
    Thanks, gonna give the steps in that thread a go and see how I get on....
    01-14-12 09:24 AM
  5. Megan Blundell's Avatar
    i went to go on my phone last night and it wouldnt turn on even when i put a charger in it doesnt turn on still, i also tried to connect it to the laptop but it isnt having any of it?, what can i do?
    08-06-13 08:56 AM
  6. goodayeh's Avatar
    Is the battery completely drained ?
    If so let it charge at least 1 hour before doing anything.
    08-06-13 09:06 AM