1. wavemotion's Avatar
    My BOLD 9900 started to freeze and the screen and keys got unresponsive, It went for repairs twice and then it crapped out on me. So I went to my Mobile provider hoping for a deal (I'm a post paid Blackberry Prosumer ,like Forever!) and they said $1099 for a new Q5 . They said new customers got the same device for $600. I would only qualify for a "Equipment up grade" . So much for being a long time customer.With that I left the store and bout a nice Sony Xperia android device . I works great too, but its no Blackberry .. . Email is not smooth ,its not a work oriented device .
    I can only hope that blackberry lives through this rough patch and re-emerge more focused . I'd love a new berry
    09-29-13 01:28 AM
  2. BergerKing's Avatar

    Sorry your phone quit, but we do have a thread for these kinds of shares. Good luck with your new Xperia!
    09-29-13 01:40 AM

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