07-10-13 04:56 AM
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  1. Positive Climb's Avatar
    I charged my Bold 9900 the other night then woke up and found that it would not turn on. It had a red light on, and I noticed it stays on for a few seconds then turns off in a cycle.

    Tech support thought it was the battery, but I took it to the store and they tried a different battery in it but it still would not power up.

    He said he would have to send it to RIM. Has anyone else experienced something like this before? And will they be able to fix it?

    10-19-11 07:14 PM
  2. amittilani's Avatar
    Never have experienced something like this but recently I have heard quite a few people with this problem. Is your device covered under warranty?
    10-19-11 07:39 PM
  3. chustle925's Avatar
    The phone is still covered under warranty as long as there is no physical or water damage.You try to reload the OS, if that doesn't work have your provider exchange it for you.
    10-19-11 07:43 PM
  4. Positive Climb's Avatar
    My provider is Telus and they sent it to RIM. Hopefully they can fix it.


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    10-19-11 09:17 PM
  5. HaTaX's Avatar
    Ouch, they sent it out to RIM for repair? Had the same issue and T-Mo ordered a replacement at the store on Saturday evening and I had a new phone at my door by 10am on Monday. I grabbed a loaner to be returned soon to cover the chance it wouldn't make it Monday, but I didn't have to fight at all to get it replaced. Hope they're quick and send you a shiny new phone that won't do this ASAP!

    Seems to be one of the more common causes for 99X0 bricking, I've seen more then a few threads on the topic and I was part of one of them.
    10-19-11 10:17 PM
  6. blackberry-unlocking710's Avatar
    You can get it fixed if it's a phone defect you will get a new device.
    10-19-11 11:00 PM
  7. EvilSmoothie's Avatar
    Welcome to the club. This has happened to a number of people on various forums and so far I have not seen a single working fix for it. Only option I had was to send it back to Vodafone for repair.
    10-20-11 03:26 AM
  8. Positive Climb's Avatar
    Dang. So do you think they will just replace the device then?

    10-20-11 07:13 PM
  9. nicky9900's Avatar
    This happened to me exactly the same last night. Mine is just three weeks old.

    Was working last night, I switched it off, plugged it into charge and when I woke up this morning. There was a slow blinking red light but would not start up. No backlights on the buttons.

    Tried removing bat. Connected to laptop and it said it had a fault, tried to reinstall the software but the phone wouldn't respond.

    Orange replacig, getting new on between 9am and 1pm.

    Great that its being replaced but really annoying, lost a whole days business today and however long tomorrow.

    Not great.
    10-24-11 12:53 PM
  10. oceanlab's Avatar
    my 9900 died too!
    so far they haven't replaced my phone!

    not good
    11-09-11 12:22 AM
  11. salexs11's Avatar
    Read this:

    In a nutshell: no solution
    11-09-11 12:30 AM
  12. milosblackberrycurve's Avatar
    happened to me too over the weekend. Please use JL_CMDER it worked for me. Run the app in your windows PC and then when the progress bar is almost done (in reboot mode), get ready to hit "wipe device" then at the right time press that option. Your BB will show a white screen, wipe itself, then be back in working condition
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    11-09-11 12:33 AM
  13. sam00's Avatar
    If JL CMDER fixes the issue doesn't that tell us that it is software related?
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    11-09-11 03:41 AM
  14. Positive Climb's Avatar
    If JL CMDER fixes the issue doesn't that tell us that it is software related?
    Update: My BlackBerry is still with RIM. Hopefully it will be back soon.
    11-09-11 04:17 PM
  15. Positive Climb's Avatar
    Update: RIM replaced my Bold 9900.
    11-09-11 09:01 PM
  16. FBA's Avatar
    Hmmmmm - sounds like it may be a hardware issue then? If it were software, wouldn't they just unbrick the phone?
    11-09-11 09:31 PM
  17. sallenthornton's Avatar
    I'm curius as to what exactly RIM is fixing on the phones. Would love to know if it's an hardware or software issue. Curious.
    11-09-11 09:35 PM
  18. Positive Climb's Avatar
    Hmmmmm - sounds like it may be a hardware issue then? If it were software, wouldn't they just unbrick the phone?
    The guy at the Telus store didn't say.
    11-09-11 09:35 PM
  19. lke1's Avatar
    I think the issue is bad hardware with some phones, since day one my blackberry bold act strange like not charging the battery, then it stop working with the red led light always.

    I got a new blackberry from my carrier telcel because they could not fix the issue.

    I have only one week with the phone.
    11-09-11 11:53 PM
  20. mustangv8's Avatar
    You can get it fixed if it's a phone defect you will get a new device.
    Doesn't it depend how long he's had it? With my storm pos, I could only get a new one during the 30 days back then. The next 11 months, they said a factory refurbished unit would be given. They are not known for giving out new phones that easy after 30 days.
    11-10-11 01:28 AM
  21. BlazorBoy's Avatar
    I really wonder whether RIM knows why this is happening. I would like to think it is the OS but cannot be sure. I have suggested that Canadians are hibernating now and we will not know anything until they awake in May.

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    11-11-11 05:31 AM
  22. DrubianesR's Avatar
    i have the same problem, but i have a question if i dont have the box i still can return it?
    11-11-11 07:23 AM
  23. Positive Climb's Avatar
    It's strange that it happened to me 2 months after I got it.

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    11-11-11 09:46 AM
  24. ijackson57's Avatar
    This happened to me this morning. Charged it over night, and then when I tried to turn it on this morning, it wouldn't. The red light would go on for about 30 seconds and then nothing. I took it to my provider (Telus). The guy did the same thing, saw the red light and decided it wasn't a battery issue. He said he was going to run some tests on it and took it in the back. When he did, there was a message that it had to be upgraded, which he did. It wiped all my settings, contacts, apps, etc., off, but I had backed it up recently so that didn't worry me too much. When I asked him if it was something I did, he said he just didn't know. Now that I see it has happened to others, I'd be very curious to know what the issue is. After restoring the back up and re-loading apps, it seems fine for the moment.
    05-05-12 08:38 PM
  25. nureni onikeku's Avatar
    i av similar problem, i came online to see if anybody has found a solution but.......it seems there are lots of red light blinking issue in the house..*wink*
    07-10-13 04:55 AM
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