1. Niceivy's Avatar
    Hi there, my brother gave me a used Blackberry Bold 9000. It doesnt have any apps so I download some apps like fb, twitter etc. After so, I encountered in one hour that my bold keeps on rebooting/restart by itself even if im not downloading anything until I encountered that the battery is low so I need to charge it, before it happen it automatically restart and didn't open again. I decided to charge it using USB port then after plugging in, I saw low batt sign ( Letter X mark and loading sign up to 70%) and it didn't charge anything untilo now. I tried charging it thru my laptop but it didnt pan out. I also charge it and wait for about an 1hour to its wall charger but then again it wasn't succesful. Hope you can help me with this. I wanna know is there any chance that they can fix it or I badly need to buy a new one. Thanks
    07-25-11 10:41 AM
  2. Siiid's Avatar
    having the same problem, if i plug the charger in my phone short-circuits and restarts with a nearly dead battery, so i can't even charge it.
    07-28-11 04:40 AM