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    Long story short, my father installed a couple of updates; he claims one was for a translation program, and another was for the App World.

    Phone restarted, gave a couple of errors:

    Uncaught Exception: Index 6 >=6... then;
    App Error 523

    I researched the problem quite a bit today and tried everything from safe mode to using JL_Cmder to delete a few files, Apploader, etc. Nothing is working.

    Regarding JL... I am able to log, save, and delete any file I want. The only problem is that the log is showing files dating to August 4th, and nothing after that date. This problem happened last night (Aug 6th). For some reason, it won't show the files that were updated/downloaded last night.

    I know many, many people have posted this problem and have either successfully booted their phones, or have just wiped and reinstalled the OS. Does anyone have *any* suggestions that we may try? He only cares about his contacts, sms messages, and photos. I've tried looking for 3rd party backup software, but cannot find anything.

    If there are any files that may be worth deleting through JL_Cmder, I'd appreciate some advice.

    Also, it seems like I can download and update the BB's software to the newest one (I believe 6.x). However, I figure that updating the phone will probably wipe it clean of all of it's contents...right? Unless there's a backup process involved that I'm not aware of.

    Many thanks, and apologies for such a newbie first post.

    08-08-11 03:19 AM
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    Use BBSAK to reload the OS after wiping (both the front buttons in the program, Load OS and Wipe Device), www.bbsak.org. If you've downloaded OS 5 or 6 before via your carrier's website or from here via a leaked OS (just not carrier-responsible for helping out with issues), then you can use BBSAK to update/reload it.

    if you haven't yet downloaded and/or installed the OS 5 or 6 device software, do so by going to the carrier's website. You'll also need the desktop software. Good luck!

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    08-08-11 03:42 AM
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    If you do an OS reload instead of wipe, it should backup the databases automatically then restore, however this might also try and restore the offending apps, Might be worth a try first though before scrubbing.
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    08-08-11 04:04 AM
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    Many thanks for the suggestions.

    So, ifraser, is that basically the update that the BB Desktop program is letting me download? I can go ahead and give that a try tomorrow morning and see what happens. If you're saying that it automatically backs up the phone, it may be worth a shot...

    08-08-11 05:34 AM