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    Last night while I was out riding, my back button started acting real funny. Each time I would hit it the running apps screen would pop up. It kept doing this becoming very aggravating. So I turned the phone of numerous times and still the same thing. After which I turned it off, waited 2mins then pulled the battery. Once reinserting the battery the device began tomstart up. Then for some reason it paused then reboot again. I look at the screen and seen some 'jbm error' of some sorts. Once it rebooted my bold was stock as the day I got it.

    Now I'm trying to hold my composure with those device cause I waited very long and really want it besides every flaw that is posted in the forums. But this hard resetting and erasing all my text, emails and other info tid bits is very unacceptable!

    Has anyone else experienced this and if so what was your solution?
    08-27-11 12:05 PM