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    Hello, Thought I would post a review of my new BB Bold 990 on the Telus Network in Canada.

    First off, I decided to write this because I was getting sick of seeing all the negative threads in here on this incredible phone. I do understand most forums get populated with these negative threads because most come to these forums for help on issues they are having.

    All that being said, I have owbed plenty of ohones in my life. I decided that since my wifes contract was up, we should replace her old Keybo 1 with something that will last her. I was using the Torch 9800 and we both hated our phones. So I started reading everything I could on this bold, a few androids and of course the Iphone.
    The Iphone was out because I simply don't want a phone that will be replaced every year by a newer better model for such a huge price.
    With Google buying Motorola, I am hesitant to buy Android because who knows what Google is going to do when they start mass producing the Motorala phones and if they will even let other manufacturers use the Android system.

    So hands down the Bold 9900 was the best decision. All the reviews were great so we took the plunge and we could not be happier.

    -The super fast OS7. What a treat to go from the horrible Torch to this extremely responsive phone. I have not yet noticed any faults and it is running smoothly and fast, super fast!
    -The Touchscreen. One of the main reasons we bought the 9900. I liked the touch screen of the Bold but loved the keyboard of the old Bold. This phone gave us the best of both worlds. It too is extrememly fast and responsive. It's very quick to navigate. Love it!
    -Battery so far has been good. I talked on it for a combined 6 hours yesrteday with Telus(whole different story but as usual they were horrible to deal with!) and I still had 1/4 of my battery life left.
    _The Keyboard. SImply the best on any phone. SO easy to use and the enlarged kets from the old Bold make it that much easier. Best part of the phone.
    -Reception has been awesome. Went out into the "boonies" south of Calgary and had perfect reception the entire road trip.
    -The style. The phone just looks great and feels great. It is light and well balanced in my hands. The Torch with the keypad exposed absolutely sucked in this area. The Stainless border around the Bold makes it look very professional.
    -The compass was a nice touch. I calibrated it once and it works perfect since. I used my real compass along side the Boolds and it was extremely accurate.
    -The video camera takes great video. 720 is is a nice touch and makes taking vids of my grandson easy and very good quality on my 48" HD tv.
    -The camera has been fine for me too. I see lots of people whing about the auto focus but I haven't noticed much difference form my Torch. As the old saying goes "It's not the tool that's the proble,it's the operator" My does fine and I gladly sacrifice the autofocus to gain the light weight and balance of the unit.
    -The screen display is vibrant and awesome! It looks amazing.
    -Carrying holster came with the phone! Nice touch by RIM and damn nice surprise for me. Phone fits perfectly in it and it is well made. Anyone who bought the Torchs holster knows how cheap it was and looke. Well this holster makes up for it.

    - NONE. Yup, you read correctly, NONE. We love this phone. It does all we need it to and much, much more.
    Sure auto focus would be nice but as I said above, I have no issues so far taking pics so if I lose that for the lightness and balance then so be it.

    Most people want the world when they buy a phone. All I hear is this is missing, that is wrong, I want this, I want that, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. This phone pretty much has everything and if you are thinking of getting one, I highly recommend you do. Run out and get it now. No phone is perfect but this one is damn close.

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    08-21-11 10:07 AM