1. failuretwolaunch's Avatar
    hey guys, afew days ago i accidentaly let my battery in my bold 9900 die while it was in the phone. now the phone wont power up.
    i tried charging it for a whole night, nothing at all. i connected it to my computer but it is not detected.
    is my phone dead? is there something i can do? there are no lights. its completely black.

    04-13-13 11:33 AM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Remove the battery for 30+ seconds. Then place it back in, and charge it. Charge it via a wall charger....
    04-13-13 05:27 PM
  3. failuretwolaunch's Avatar
    ive tried. took it out for an hour. put the battery in and connected the phone to a wall charger and nothing happens. no red light flashing or any sign at all
    04-13-13 06:07 PM
  4. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Try a different charger if you have one...

    Posted via Navi's CB10
    04-13-13 06:37 PM
  5. failuretwolaunch's Avatar
    i tried a different one and still nothing. last night when i did turn the phone on (with the dead battery) it started turning on for a second and then it blacked out. i forgot to mention that
    04-13-13 06:46 PM
  6. heading4tomorrow's Avatar
    Try a different battery.
    Do you have a multimeter? Can u test the battery and also the battery terminals on the back of the BB while it is plugged in to USB or charger? Is this possible?

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9900
    04-14-13 10:04 AM
  7. failuretwolaunch's Avatar
    i keep trying with another battery. still nada. I checked it with my multimeter im not sure what reading i should be getting but it does read something. im almost certain its something with the phone itself but im not sure what could have happened.
    04-14-13 06:47 PM

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