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    It's really bugging me. I delete albums and the music tracks delete but the album remains, so it's there being annoying and contains no songs. Sometimes it's greyed out like it's showing "Home Music" and sometimes it's not greyed out.

    Sometimes I put albums on and the album shows up twice, one album with the actual tracks and fine, the other one empty.

    Wireless music sync also isn't working. It worked once and now it can't connect to my home network. My Mac is opened and wifi is on; my Blackberry's wifi is on too.

    Running .353.

    Frustrating. Anyone else got this problem?
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    09-08-11 03:46 PM
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    Yeah wireless music sync is terrible on the Mac. It's better just to sync it with a cable.

    I'm not too sure about your initial problem, but my cover art for a lot of tracks is messed up. It appears fine, but when I go into Now Playing instead of the actual music app, it shows different artwork from another track.

    Also running .353 :/
    09-08-11 04:13 PM