1. angelbleu's Avatar
    I just installed the .282 OS a couple of days ago, and I noticed that many icons (such as Google Search, MySpace, Weather etc) that actually fire up the BB Browser have been renamed as "Browser".

    Now I have 12 icons named "Browser"...

    I think this is also messing up the Home Screen shortcut, so the "Install Google Search" webpage is loaded when I click "B" from the Home Screen.

    Anyone else having this problem?
    Is there a way to solve it without re-installing the OS?
    07-02-09 02:12 AM
  2. Morganizer's Avatar
    Try using the default theme for your device and see if you get a different result. Also try the old tried and true battery pull.
    07-02-09 08:11 AM
  3. angelbleu's Avatar
    I tried both suggestions, but to no avail...

    As a last resort, I removed all applications and then re-installed the .282 OS.

    Everything's working fine now.

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    07-03-09 02:05 AM