11-03-13 04:44 PM
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  1. olblueyez's Avatar
    Wouldn't it be better to top off the mugen and start the battery diagnostics and let it run for a few days before you start running your new Lipo battery down multiple times? Especially if the phone hasn't calibrated the battery yet? It may have lipo cutoff but if its reporting 95% on a fully charged battery then how do you know the lipo cutoff is working properly?

    A dead lipo is "A Dead Lipo".

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    09-13-12 02:13 PM
  2. tarmpung's Avatar
    In user guide, they said that users had to charge the battery in the device for 8-12 hours for the first 4-5 charges. That means I have to charge my 9900 overnight, will it brick? I've never dared to charge my phone overnight before.
    09-13-12 07:45 PM
  3. howards's Avatar
    In user guide, they said that users had to charge the battery in the device for 8-12 hours for the first 4-5 charges. That means I have to charge my 9900 overnight, will it brick? I've never dared to charge my phone overnight before.
    Don't worry, you'll be fine. I've charged my 9900 overnight for 1 year now and never had any problems. There were some issues people had with bricking earlier on, but with 7.1 haven't seen any of that. The Mugen battery has worked very well for me since I got it.
    09-13-12 08:57 PM
  4. pkcable's Avatar
    Just ordered the 1500, and with the code found in this thread it was 37.15. Free shipping too, BUT since it's from Hong Kong, and backordered, it'll be a while before I see it, BUT I current 2 battery setup should hold me till then!
    09-14-12 08:52 AM
  5. andreirad's Avatar
    So after a week with tis battery I can hopefully be useful for people who are interested in purchasing it . I am a moderate user(20-30 emails ,5 bbm's , 10 text messages1 hour of checking different things online ,appworld ,weather bb news , 30 min of playing music ) and this battery can keep you away from the charger for 15-16 hours for sure . People who are saying they are heavy users and they can get 2 days of one charge they are not heavy users . So 6 days out of 7 I didn't have to recharge the phone over the day and one day when I had a little more time free I watch some youtube and browse the internet ( 1 hour online more then usual) and I had to recharge the phone around 6 PM . So if you are not a really heavy user then this battery will give you the peace of mind for not looking for a charger between morning and evening .
    09-14-12 09:35 AM
  6. Hgouck's Avatar
    I just order this battery. I cannot wait for it to show up. They just released a 3600 mah. It would alter the design to much for me.
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    09-15-12 10:16 PM
  7. Grivel's Avatar
    Some news?
    How is this battery working? Will you recommend it?
    09-21-12 12:28 PM
  8. byul's Avatar
    Just ordered this battery. Will report back if i have it.
    09-21-12 08:36 PM
  9. thefiasco's Avatar
    I ordered it back on September 3rd and it said on the site it was sold out and would ship on September 21st. My order status still says "processing" Anyone have anything different?
    09-22-12 07:35 PM
  10. albertinik's Avatar
    Ordered one let's see how it'll go
    09-27-12 05:51 PM
  11. Pilot_Berry's Avatar
    Any more 'testimonials' to the integrity of this battery?
    10-01-12 04:31 PM
  12. mhw100's Avatar
    Mine should be here this week and I will report back.
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    10-01-12 04:39 PM
  13. thecsman's Avatar
    I ordered mine a month ago. It shipped last week, and left HK yesterday. I should have this or next week.
    10-01-12 05:28 PM
  14. thefiasco's Avatar
    Got my battery today, will check back in with details next week
    10-06-12 01:41 AM
  15. ryshhh's Avatar
    Just ordered mine. The original JM1 was burning up!

    Hope it arrives soon!
    10-06-12 08:48 AM
  16. ryshhh's Avatar
    Hey guys, has anyone looked at the Battery Engineering Screens with these Mugen batteries in the them?

    I am curious to know!
    10-10-12 05:02 AM
  17. svtquattro's Avatar
    I placed my order on Sept 1st when it was backordered, but on sale for $32.95 minus MUGENRULEZ discount of 10%.

    It shipped around Sept 24th and I received it Oct 10th.

    Will charge it overnight and try it tomorrow.

    On an average workday, I can get about 14-16 hrs on my stock battery until it goes into "Radio Off" mode. This is with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth paired with either a headset, my Playbook, or both, Twitter, Opera, about 50 SMS, 30 mins of phone.

    Will report back after a few charges.
    10-14-12 12:05 AM
  18. svtquattro's Avatar
    Well this is promising. First day after first charge I ran for 16 hrs and still have 30% left. Granted it is a weekend and I didn't get as many emails.

    We will see if things improve with more cycles.
    10-15-12 01:28 AM
  19. ryshhh's Avatar
    Pretty much the same here. Been up for 10 hrs and I'm sitting on 70%
    10-15-12 03:49 AM
  20. svtquattro's Avatar
    Update: Day 2 and first work day. 15.5 hrs and sitting at 15%. we are maybe 5-10% better than typical for me. Hope this is not as good as it gets!

    with Wi-Fi and BT on, paired, Opera running, no Twitter running, normal amounts of emails, maybe 2 hrs more on 3G than a normal workday (went out for lunch), plus about 60 mins of calls.
    10-16-12 01:27 AM
  21. svtquattro's Avatar
    Day 3, 16 hrs and 25% left. This is better than the stock battery. I was hoping for a bit more juice though. Definitely enough to get through the toughest workday. On normal days, enough juice to survive all my waking hours. Not bad...
    10-17-12 12:26 AM
  22. mhw100's Avatar
    I'm on my 5th cycle of conditioning and I don't see a very large difference in performance. its okay and worth the price I think though.
    10-17-12 01:08 AM
  23. svtquattro's Avatar
    Yes, the difference is not huge. May be placebo even, or the difference between a 12 month old JM-1 and a brand new Mugen.

    Nevertheless, my stock JM-1 drops off really fast from 30% down to zero. This one holds steady and from 30% down to 10% it lasts a lot longer.
    10-17-12 01:14 AM
  24. ryshhh's Avatar
    So far 32 hrs and still on 12%.

    Definitely a good investment!

    I would be so lucky if the original lasted for more than 14 hrs!
    10-17-12 01:41 AM
  25. svtquattro's Avatar
    So your experience is you are getting DOUBLE the runtime?
    10-17-12 01:54 AM
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