1. gtrvox's Avatar
    BB 9790, T-Mobile, latest OS. Installed the latest FB upgrade and most functions (on Facebook only) stopped working. When I quit the app, I get a java error. Tried battery pull, reinstall etc...no go. Since I'm a heavy FB user and since an older version of FB cannot be re-installed (at least to my knowledge), I'm screwed. Input appreciated.

    Tried so far: battery pull (3x), deletion and reinstall
    08-25-13 09:40 PM
  2. masterscarhead1's Avatar
    Older FB can be installed if you pull them out from older OS versions
    What functions aren't working? I have a few friends still on legacy OS, and they still use fb just fine
    Maybe you'll have to do a backup and wipe, then restore?
    08-25-13 10:41 PM
  3. gtrvox's Avatar
    I remembered I have an older Bold 9000 and it has an FB app on it. How can I pull that and transfer to my current phone? Thanks
    08-26-13 07:30 AM

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