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    I'm trying to make an appointment that reoccurs on the first Saturday of each month and can't find the option to do so. I can do one every four weeks, get one on the same date of each month but not on the first (or any other multiple) day of the month.

    I've tried searching the forums and even with a specific tag in the search field get hundreds of possible answers with no way of telling if they will answer the query.

    Hope someone can help,
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    Don't see anyway to do this in calendar. There is a very handy reminder app I use call BugMe which looks like it can do what you're looking for. You can find it in BlackBerry World.

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    I'm not sure if this does what you need or not but choose either Weekly or Monthly. That opens or adds what seem to be what I'd call sub-options where you can set "intervals" and pick a Day or Days for the recurrence.

    I now believe it does what you want - use the RELATIVE Checkbox. Enter the Starting Date on the Day-of-week you want.

    Let us know.

    I know my HPLX was a bit more specific and directly allowed what you wanted.

    edited to add: the "I now believe...." line above. I also looked on my Playbook using Bridge (larger screen and view) and it now shows my Appt every 2nd Monday for all following months. I had wanted to set a recurring Appt for telling the City about pot holes - now, I've done it!
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    Hi there,

    It's already an option in the calendar app. Go to the 1st Saturday of your Recurring date,

    1) Recurrence (Monthly)
    2) Relative Date (????)
    3) End (????) Occurs on ?????

    Simple when you know how!

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