1. hanbok's Avatar

    I am using 9900 on os7.1
    when i enable the mobile hotspot to use it with ipod touch or ipad: happens always the same thing:
    i enable it successfully, ask me to : Activation required and i ckick continue,and starts working but only for about 10-15 min always- then i deactivate automatically so i have to do again and again same procedure, - and if i am in middle of downloading i have to start all over again...

    Please someone help me how to enable th hotspot for more time,and not to disconnect at all... is it possible? any ideas how to increase the time please?

    Thank you
    03-18-13 03:47 PM
  2. deezy87's Avatar
    OK...Once you've enabled the Hotspot feature, go to 'Network and Connections' -> 'Mobile Hotspot Connections' -> Options.

    Now at the bottom there is an auto shut off timer, put that to NEVER, back out, save, and enjoy!!
    03-18-13 04:19 PM
  3. hanbok's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply.
    i did try that but it only activates it for 30 min(even if is connected to power or not- and than - disconnects and wants to reactivated again always for 30 min even though is put on NEVER)
    any other ways to make it work?
    03-19-13 09:36 AM

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