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    Hey anyone know if the cell companies can check the content of whatís in an mms message?
    I have a friend that his girl friend sends him tit shots and other shots and he say he get them but it takes a supper long time or he donít get them at all just curious he has att and his girl has Verizon not that it should make a difference on carriers. Any info would be appreciated thank.
    07-11-09 07:37 PM
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    by the way he has a bold like me with .266 running thanks.
    07-11-09 07:38 PM
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    Cell companies technically can check, but I don't think they do. It's mostly security so if they need to go back and review for legal purposes in litigation they can get evidence. Otherwise they don't. I know mms msgs from Sprint never come thru for me, but I've never had a problem with Verizon. I'm on ATT.

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    07-11-09 07:48 PM
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    And tell her to stop mmsing her tits unless showing the world is what she wANTS to be doing. Come now.

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    07-11-09 07:49 PM
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    maybe its his settings I'll have him contact att for help I told him to have his girl send them o me so i can see if it's his phone or settings LOL. thanks
    07-11-09 07:50 PM