1. dontwalkhand's Avatar
    I have an iPhone 4, and even a 3GS. I switched from an old Curve 8300 a long time ago, and then somewhere in the midst, I had a Bold 9000.

    I went iPhone 4 because my 9700 broke, and I thought I would never look back. (Hint: BB + Pool = NOT GOOD). Well, I am looking back now...but I want to hold off on upgrading to a 9780 or something, until the 9900 comes out.

    I am thinking about picking up an old Bold 9000 to hold me over until the release of the 9900? What seems to be a good idea to you guys?

    Also thinking about getting a PlayBook as well, but not so sure until I get some more opinions on it. I do use a Mac as my main computer, but I find myself not using it as much, as I am not home all the time. I am not an Apple fanboy, and definitely prefer the BlackBerry as my mobile device of choice (as proven by my dislike for my iPhone 4...which will just be going to my girlfriend as soon as the 9900 would come to T-Mobile USA). What I am trying to say is I really miss my 9700, but don't want to bother with another phone until the 9900 comes out.
    08-10-11 02:43 AM
  2. West Coast Flavor's Avatar
    Retro blackberries will be the new trend. Mark my words!!! I love old bb's! I'm about to rock one with a track wheel for a hot second!!! I've gone back to a 83xx and loved it.. curve 8900.. not as old.. but love it. Bold 9000 is still as good as the day it released if you use it as a phone imo

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    08-10-11 06:46 AM
  3. kissmp3's Avatar
    curve 8900 is great i'm use it for long ago and working great!
    08-10-11 07:15 AM
  4. seanjobig's Avatar
    Ive got a 9000 right now waiting for the 9900. Picked it up on Amazon for $88. Good money spent even as a backup or second phone.
    08-10-11 09:44 AM