1. HeavyComponent's Avatar
    Yeah yeah yeah I know some of you said I would, but the only reason I'm coming back is because I MISS my blackberry!!! Touch PRO 2 is a great phone and all, but the 9700 BOLD for T-Mobile and ATT is looking pretty good. Lol

    So I think I have to look for some buyers for my TP2 because I don't have an upgrade available at all!
    10-21-09 12:32 PM
  2. zee921's Avatar
    Welcome back!
    10-21-09 12:37 PM
  3. HeavyComponent's Avatar
    Ok I got rid of my Touch PRO 2 and now I'm rocking the 8900 once again. Just waiting for the 9700 to be released and I'm set!
    11-07-09 03:31 AM
  4. walds11's Avatar
    Me too. I currently have an iPhone 3GS and thinking of making the jump back to BB. Patiently waiting to give the 9700 a shot.
    11-07-09 05:51 AM
  5. DocGo's Avatar
    I flipflop between an iPhone 3GS and a BB. Now that I have the 9700, I think I will use the iPhone as a spare phone for the weekend...

    My 9700 is replacing my 8900.

    11-07-09 12:12 PM
  6. stuaw11's Avatar
    Ill prob be getting a 9700 and getting rid of my iphone, but buying an ipod touch.

    For the price I can sell my jailbroken, unlocked iphone for, I can buy both and still have the great iphone interface and apps (with wifi connectivity) and have a keyboard for emails and texts. Dont get my wrong the iphone is still prob the best smartphone Ive ever owned (out of 20+ the past few years), but doing more email now I need a keyboard. And of course ATT is obviosuly anti-Android currently so that choice is out for now.

    Best of both worlds IMO.
    11-07-09 05:27 PM