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    Well i just watched kevins video about the MicroSD slot & how he suggest you take out the battery first in order to get the MicroSD card. BlackBerry Bold 9900 Public Service Announcement: Don't Try Removing the MicroSD Card while the Battery is Inserted. Seriously! | CrackBerry.com This sucks! I was so used to just popping it in-n-out (i know its a inuendo lol) on the bold 9700. It was really helpful, useful, & fast for so many reasons. Just wish they made the bold 9900 like that. But i guess i dont mind taking the battery out once in awhile. Oh, and also if the wifi hotspot doesnt come already installed on a t-mobile bold 9900, will it be coming via software update? most people say wifi hotspot is free? how does that work? or will you carrier charge you for using wifi hotspot? I know theres a wifi hotspot app called tether, is that any good?
    08-12-11 02:45 AM
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    So now the 9900 isn't "Hot-Swappable"? I really like the Samsung devices but the reason I won't consider them is for this reason. But I feel this is worse for RIM b/c at least Samsung is intentional (they put the card behind the battery)...the 9900 looks like it's a complete quality oversight, no?

    Maybe this is just his device? Can others chime in here and confirm this?

    P.S. I've now got my sights set on the NEW Curve...so at least I can still stay with BB at this point.
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    08-12-11 03:36 AM