1. Steve_S_T's Avatar
    I'm running on my Bold and have about 30 - 32mb file free after a battery pull. Now when I first upgraded from a Curve I was a bit drunk on the amount of file free that I had on the new BB and went a bit mad installing various apps. As time has gone on and I realise how little I use the likes of Vlingo and others, I've removed them. Contrary to popular opinion, I'm convince that when removing an app you don't get back the amount of memory that you lost when installed - some files must be left behind or something (a fact backed up by the fact that if you re-install the app the shortcut icon goes back where it was before). Anyway, for the last two days I've let the battery run down quite low, then I've done a battery pull and put it onto the charger overnight. The day before yesterday I had 32mb after the batt pull, but woke up to 45mb, this in spite of having TweetGenius and PodTrapper running all the time (as well as mail services of course). Last night I started with only 30mb of file free before putting it onto the charger, but woke up to 50mb! Can anybody explain why this happens (I have to add that reading 20 Tweets, 16 e-mails and the news feeds on Viigo very quickly dropped it to 26mb)? Is it that app memory resurfacing?
    07-08-09 04:18 AM
  2. bt224's Avatar
    Apps release memory over time if not used.
    07-08-09 05:19 AM
  3. cavingjan's Avatar
    Doesn't take up too much memory to keep track of where icons are located in a theme (which is where that data is located). It should remember app id, folder, position, and hidden status.
    07-08-09 07:08 AM