1. LyricEquivocal's Avatar
    I'm having sudden memory drain issues on my Bold 9930 (By sudden I mean, I haven't installed any new apps, or updated anything really and now I'm getting issues out of the blue). Usually I had to do a battery pull about once a day, just to keep it (my 'other memory') above 100.0 mb, but now it's dropping down really low within a few hours of a reboot/battery pull. The thing that gets me is, I update the OS/apps whenever I see that I need to, and I close out of apps and browser tabs when I'm done, delete unwanted messages and call logs/emails. I'm just trying to figure out why my 'other' memory keeps getting eaten up?

    I have it narrowed down to Whatsapp, Twitter, or Ubersocial, as I deleted the Spotify I had running on there, and I don't really use many of my other apps all that much, and when I'm done with them I close out. Does anyone know of a setting that I need to tweak to get the cache down on one of these apps so that I don't have this issue any longer? I have to wait for the Q10 to come out on Verizon(and get reviewed/handled for a few months) before I'm going to make my final decision to upgrade, so this one has to last me at least until likely the end of June.

    Which I don't think it will be doing if I'm getting hourglasses/black clocks when I type half of my tweets/text messages.

    OS Version: 7.1.0 Bundle 2123
    BB Bold 9930
    Verizon Wireless

    Whatsapp I have set to save everything I can to the media card, not my phone...I just have no idea what could be causing this memory cache issue, and it's really irritating. I mean this phone has fared better than almost any keyboard phone I could have ever owned with as much as I use it...I've worn through the black part of the keys in some places. I just want it to still be in good working order, in case I wait for the sliders later this year. -crossing my fingers-
    05-13-13 12:20 PM
  2. texn884's Avatar
    Mine is doing the same. The only app I have loaded is Spam Blocker trial version. Free Memory is at 49,211,904 and it was at 50,000,000 something about 15 mins ago.

    I close out all pages and apps also.
    05-13-13 04:20 PM

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