1. dennispearn's Avatar
    Hi there, i'm new to this site so not sure if this is the best section to post a question, but hopefully someone can help me. My BB bold 9780 out of the blue doesn't recognize the memory card. In settings/device/storage it says, "A media card is not presently inserted in the device". And if I try the video camera it says, "To record a video, insert a Media Card". I bought and formatted a new SD card but that didn't help. I checked my old card in the computer and it seems fine. I've pulled the battery and restarted several times but still nothing. I then gave my phone to a guy who works at BB and he put in a new card reader and whatever else (phone came back looking brand new) but it didn't solve that problem. Altho one time after that out of the blue a message popped up saying, "a media card is now inserted into the device...." but before I could even finish reading it, a new message popped up saying, "media card removed" or something like that. Any idea how to get the phone to recognize the memory card again? Thanks so much, Regards, DP
    05-15-13 10:33 AM
  2. Batter Pudding's Avatar
    Assuming the card works reliably in a PC, and you know it is not some fake card, then you have done everything I can think of.

    I'd go back to the guy who put the new card reader in and ask him why it is not working. He should have tested it as working before returning it to you.
    05-16-13 04:04 PM
  3. dennispearn's Avatar
    Hi there thanks for your reply. Ya i tried both my cards in another BB 9780 and they both showed up normally, so it doesn't appear to the be a card problem. now my phone is saying there's no memory space available to even take 1 small sized picture....even tho i've deleted all pictures from the phone, both via the phone and thru BB desktop. So it's getting worse. I guess i'll stop at a phone store and see what they say. It's kind of old to spend a lot on fixing tho. I'll keep you updated! thanks, Regards, Dennis
    05-21-13 03:41 PM
  4. Batter Pudding's Avatar
    If you paid to get it fixed, and it is still not fixed, then the guy should fix for free and he failed the first time.
    05-22-13 11:32 AM

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