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    Tonight I did some surgery on my 9780. I got fed up with the micro SD slot not working (I bought it used from a junk video/cell phone place) that I should have tested before buying. Everything seemed great on the phone otherwise until I started getting occasional white screens. The occasional white screens turned into only being able to see my screen by lock button, then holding the lower right corner of the screen above the end button while pressing the lock button to at least read my texts and emails. I looked into replacement LCD's, and I found a few sites that helped me realize that this is a ribbon problem in my phone and that there is not enough pressure holding down the ribbon after a few hard drops to the ground (I'm a dog walker, I drop my phone a lot unfortunately despite it being in a thick rubber skin.)

    I took it apart based on the instructions on this site:
    DIY: BlackBerry Bold 9700 / 9780 Take Apart | goonthemove.com

    I then followed someone's instructions here about the pressure and the screws on testing the screen:
    Bold - white screen of death-partially solved [Archive] - GSM-Forum

    Instead of putting a piece of paper near the speaker on the motherboard, I placed a piece of a metro card above the LCD ribbon, and voila! The screen worked again with the exception of the 2 black marks that have been lurking for a while in my text field area that kind of make my first 2 letters look garbled up. Eventually I will buy a new LCD, but for now, it works with minimal white screen problems due to the bezel's bottom tabs nearly rubbing the LCD ribbon and the occasional rubbing around in my pocket.

    I also noticed that when I opened up the blackberry initially, the top flex connector wasn't connected. This is probably why the person got rid of the phone in the first place (aside from the double key input - I've read a new keyboard ribbon will fix this too but I didn't do this tonight!) I reconnected the flex connector firmly before putting the phone back together and now my SD card reads and can be written to with no problem.

    Pictures are on the first site I listed as to what parts are what, but I also took pictures of the LCD ribbon, so I can post them if anyone wants.

    I hope this helps someone who is out of warranty or bought a used lemon like I did!
    08-24-11 02:09 AM