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    Hi, so I'm having problems with my blackberry Media Card. It started sometime earlier in the afternoon (I was listening to music and viewing photos fine in the morning) and when I checked my phone, I realized I could not find any of my stored files. I checked the media card usage and it said it was still used (the memory) so the files did not go anywhere, I think but I'm not seeing them on my phone. I tried removing the card and putting it back in but nothing changed. I kept on restarting my phone, thinking it was just my phone not reading the card, until it asked me if I wanted to repair the Media Card so I selected yes. It asked me "If lost clusters are found during the repair, do you want to save them?" so I pressed yes. It said it was repairing the card then finished. A message came up saying "Media Card Repair Successful" so I pressed ok then I saw another message come up right after, saying "A Media Card has been inserted that contains encrypted files which will be inaccessible by this device. Please place the Media Card in the original device to access those files." I haven't changed my phone since I bought the memory card so I already have it in the original. This started coming up after I tried putting the memory card into my friend's phone to see if it was a problem with my phone. Her phone was reading the files fine and her memory card was working in mine. I switched them around back to their originals then it started telling me about the encrypted files. I tried putting it in my friend's phone again, but this time, her phone wasn't reading them either. Can someone please tell me how to fix this problem with my memory card? I have alot of valuable photos I would not like to lose. I have blackberry protect that backs up my phone every 7 days if that's helpful. Hope I get a reply soon.
    10-09-13 05:02 PM
  2. patel7's Avatar
    10-09-13 05:23 PM
  3. Jamal Weekes's Avatar
    I haven't seen anything helpful in that post :\..
    10-09-13 05:29 PM
  4. CatScan29's Avatar
    Have you tried using the SD card directly on a computer? If possible I would do that

    If the app found bad blocks it could have messed up one of the header blocks and is confused. If you have access to a card reader, I would backup all your stuff on a computer, erase then reformat on the BB, then copy your stuff back to the SD via the computer.
    10-09-13 05:35 PM
  5. Jamal Weekes's Avatar
    I actually thought about doing this today, but when I hooked up my phone to my computer, it was as though there wasn't a memory card in it at all. I looked in all the folders that would have data from the media card but I did not find anything.
    10-09-13 05:37 PM
  6. Jamal Weekes's Avatar
    I managed to fix the problem. I went onto the memory card via usb and saw a bunch of .chk files. I remembered seeing something about changing them to .mp3 or .jpg files so I did that and they went back to normal so I managed to save all my files.
    10-13-13 08:00 AM

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