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    I've got a large music collection which is about 75% FLAC files ripped from my CD's. I've got FLAC's because I like hi-fi, I've got half-decent kit in the house and it makes sense to make sure I'm not losing anything. I know FLAC's don't benefit the 9900 much but I'd rather use them than have to convert stuff when I want it on the phone.

    I've not had the 9900 long and I discovered with delight that BB Desktop Software would sync music to the phone. Delight which was tempered when I discovered the sync wouldn't work with FLAC files. Am I right about this? Is there no way to work around this? I realise FLAC files will play once I've got them on there, I'd just like to get them there using wifi sync.

    Second issue, and this is weird I think. Looking at the list of artists/albums/tracks that media sync picks up, I can't make sense of how it has selected the items it shows. Not everything is there, not by a long chalk. It's not as simple as "folders with mp3 show, folders with flac don't" - or vice versa. Does anyone know how this works?

    Lastly - is there anything else I can use, a different workflow or software, something that offers the whole package, to sync music from my server via wifi to my 9900?
    04-23-13 05:03 PM
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    Last bump. No-one here using FLAC on their 9900?
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    04-25-13 04:42 PM
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    Have you tried simply copying the files over to your 9900?

    EDIT: sorry, let me explain. I know that you've been able to get them to work by copying directly to the phone, but I doubt you'll be able to get Desktop Software to copy them manually. There are reports of the software messing with libraries, and I'm guessing you care about your music collection judging by your use of flac files (most of my Z10 music library is flac), so if I were you, I would rather deal with using a usb cable to copy them over.
    04-26-13 02:20 PM
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    Thanks for the reply, yes I'd pretty much come to that conclusion. I liked the idea of wireless synchronisation. But I've set up wireless access to the directory structure now, I'll rotate my music that way. Not quite so elegant but it will do.
    04-28-13 02:19 PM
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    I have 1000's of zero compression FLAC files on both my Torch 9800 and Playbook. I only copy to the devices using a USB cable - drag & drop - always works fine with no tag or folder corruption. Now - here is a real scoop.

    I was always impressed with the audio quality of the Torch 9800 when playing back thru good headsets. I have a set of earbuds plus a pair of $400 Sennheisers. I went looking for a really high end portable FLAC player with all the audiphile DAC and amp stuff in it. Comparing with the 9800 for reference to see which one was best.....weirdly - they all sounded worse. So I loaded the same FLAC file on my OPPO BD-103 and used its "good" DAC to drive a high end headphone amp with switched inputs against the 9800. The 9800 won again. Better detail and separation of complex layers of multiple voices and instruments, better decay into silence at the end of notes..... crazy. BTW - the Playbook is no match at all for the 9800 - mudddy and no layers separation. Too bad the Neutron player is not ported to the 9800 OS.

    Anyway - if anyone out there in BB land knows why this phone sounds so good - pls send along to me. I am about to try unsing it as a DAC player in a $50K living room audio system....who knows - maybe it will beat the Oppo there too.
    04-28-13 03:35 PM

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