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    Hi all.

    I'm having an issue on my 9900... sometimes the media player stops and wont play anymore requiring a reboot...

    I know this was an issue on the past, I searched the forum... has this issue been resolved?

    Im also aware that the flashlight apps were conflicting with this. (has the flashlight app been updated? (Jared) ... if not whats the best flashlight app (I have a need for this one)...

    The only solution I found was to downgrade which I did, and the media player worked perfectly, but it gave me other types of headaches and I find no reason why I should downgrade. So I re-installed the latest OS... and the other headaches are gone, but the media player still stops playing every so often...

    Can anyone point to me in the right direction. Thanks
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    I don't have(or have ever had) a flashlight app. My 9900 is used for music over bluetooth via my jabra cruiser 2 to my cars stereo and I have never had an issue with the music player freezing. I have had and randomly do have issues getting the two devices to connect. But freezing has never been an issue for me personally. I use it every single day in my car and have been for the last 10 months and the previous 8 months before that with my 9860.

    Sorry, I know I didn't answer your question about the flashlight causing issues, but just thought I'd throw out my experience.

    Edit, I also have a commuter on my bold, but I've got an incipio case on my playbook, so yeah, neat.
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    OP, are you running the latest OS on your 9900. Either 825 or 861? Many of the earlier operating systems were quite buggy with the media player.

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