1. crobcary's Avatar
    Hey y'all,

    I have a Blackberry Bold running Rogers .282 with a 16GB microSD card.

    I am having the most annoying problem though…I'll insert my card (which on the bold is the most rickety process…feel like I'm going to break something every time) and push all the way in, then close the door. The card works, scans all my music, and is great…but at some point in the day, I get the message "media card removed," but yet it's still in the phone.

    I have to manually reinsert it, and sometimes it doesn't "take" on the first time. I've reformatted, wiped my device, tried the microSD card from my Wii, still…OMG doing it.

    What's going on? I'm going to the geniuses here.
    07-19-09 05:50 PM
  2. bt224's Avatar
    either it's not going in all the way (it has a firm click), or it's hardware. Can you try another card?
    07-19-09 06:03 PM
  3. crobcary's Avatar
    I did try another card. The door clicks when I close it on the card, and when I open it back, the card is completely in there.
    07-19-09 06:08 PM
  4. bt224's Avatar
    The door is not the click that I'm talking about. The door just covers the opening, the card itself clicks and is held in by the mechanism. I had the same thing going on because I didn't have the card locked into the slot, just the door holding it in.
    07-19-09 06:23 PM
  5. crobcary's Avatar
    OK, I tried it again, so hopefully it will work.

    I attached an image of how it is now, after inserting it, closing the door, and opening it. Is that how it's supposed to be?

    It's probably me…I'm just making sure.
    07-19-09 06:31 PM
  6. bt224's Avatar
    It will go in, but you should feel and hear a definite click when inserted completely and it seats. You should not be able to just pull it out when it's fully inserted. You would have to push in again, hear the click, then the mechanism pushes it out some.
    07-19-09 06:40 PM
  7. crobcary's Avatar
    Gotcha. Thanks! I would make that kind of mistake…I'll be hollering back if I get the same message later.
    07-19-09 06:42 PM
  8. bt224's Avatar
    Good luck.
    07-19-09 06:50 PM