1. melissamorris_9's Avatar
    Hello Everyone,

    So i've looked through some other media card problem threads and have not found any that have helped me. I've never used crackberry but am looking for help !! Just recently I have got a message on my screen that said "media card removed" but i never touched it. All my picture folders and such were gone (which makes sense if the media card was removed, but it wasnt!). So several times i took out my memory card and battery but it still doesnt say that the media card is there. It is secure in the blackberry & i made sure of that. I've never had trouble with my media card before.

    07-12-11 08:05 AM
  2. Chriiis's Avatar
    Do you know anybody with the same type of phone? a friend or something maybe? You could always pop your memory card into there's to see if it's the actual card that is broken, not the handset
    07-12-11 09:22 AM
  3. melissamorris_9's Avatar
    okaay, i'll try thaat ! do you know any way i can fix it on my phone though? like make the memory card visible again?
    07-12-11 09:27 AM
  4. finnc2's Avatar
    I've had this a few months back with my 9780. Most of the time a reboot (popping the battery out) worked. Occasionally I needed to reboot 2 or 3 times. Eventually it was that I would pop the battery, remove the card, reboot, then power off again, pop the card in and start again. Serious pain in the *** but it worked. No idea why this happened but thankfully it's not happened in some time now.
    Hope you get it fixed.
    07-12-11 03:29 PM
  5. Batter Pudding's Avatar
    Buy yourself a card reader for your computer. This will let you know if the card works as well as letting you backup all your photos, etc.

    Not all micro SD cards are the same quality. And it could be that the card has failed. So test it elsewhere first.

    And when you are buying the card reader... think about buying a new, bigger micro SD card. (Or find one to borrow). This will let you know if the phone is working fine. Could be that dirt has worked its way into the card reader slot in the phone.
    07-12-11 05:39 PM
  6. Electrical_Tech's Avatar
    I had that happen to my card before. Lucky for me I had backed up only a couple of days previous to it.

    I tried rebooting. Removing and reinstalling the card. Turning support on and off in the phone software .. nothing worked. So I re-formatted the card and it's been working fine ever since. Having said that I think it's time for another backup
    07-14-11 06:17 PM