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    So, whilst not wanting to repeat the various posts about a week into the 9900 for some people, I felt it was important to speak up.

    I've been keeping an eye on these forums since I first heard that the 9900 would be available to Vodafone in August. I go through a lot of mobiles - in the past month and a half, I've gone from a SII, a ZTE Blade back to my iPhone 4, then onto a HTC Cha Cha which I exchanged for a Curve 3G and then when Carphone Warehouse delayed my 9900 order by over two weeks - a HTC Sensation direct from Voda.

    The HTC Sensation was a sexy beast, but in a few hours I had already installed a custom ROM, and then another three days later I was on my fourth ROM. Yep, Android is cool and geeky but then I realised - there was a constant drive to make it better. I couldn't fix the poor battery life which meant not being able to use the camera and flash with 20% or less battery level remaining and appalling signal levels (and heating up of the device)

    So I called Vodafone, and they were quite happy for me to change my mind and order a 9900. When I originally found out about the delay from Carphone I settled on the Sensation based on some of the comments on here (battery, trackpad noise, lifting up of panels). I constantly read reviews and make my mind up based on them. Getting my 9900 was the best thing I could have done.

    Yep - the battery life is pretty poor, I've had quite a few crashes and don't feel the camera is that great. But actually, I'm prepared to accept these issues and not let them put me off the phone that I'm now writing this topic from. I can handle all of them without it ruining the experience for me.

    I guess what I would like to say is that: I've come from a lot of different phones. Two months ago, I was writing RIM off and thinking I could never have another BB again (had BB handsets since 2005) but I was wrong. This phone suits my needs more than any other. If I need an popular app that's not in app world, I can use my iPod Touch. If you are stuck on the lines, not knowing if you should go for this phone: do it. Its pretty much the dogs boll*x - I even applied for a new job using it today, the browser is awesome.

    I accept that I might get some negative comments back about my experiences - I am an extremely fickle user of mobile tech - it comes from having worked for four years managing the mobile contract at a Local Authority ... But I cannot see myself changing my mind over this little wonder, and I've had it for more than four days now with no lust for other wonder toys - that's saying something for me.


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    08-28-11 03:35 PM
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    I've never met someone who changes mobile more frequently than I do, so congratulations. I've been on the iP4 since March/April time, but not happy with it due to signal issues. I love Blackberries (my first one was a Pearl) but haven't been wholly satisfied with any of the recent offerings (and I've tried the 9700/9780/9300 and the Torch). I switched to Android but only lasted a week. I have high hopes for this one and am itching to get my hands on one - hope I find it as good for my purposes as you.

    I've got rid of the iP4 and I've still got my iPad, so feel like I won't be tempted by the iP5. I need a proper comms device and the iP4 simply was not fit for purpose, with frequent dropped calls and 3G/2G data outages. I've been using my old 8520 for the last week and its faster at surfing the web (2G) than my iP4 was on 3G. Cannot wait to get my 9900!!
    08-28-11 04:14 PM
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    I really loved the design of the Torch, but was kinda put off by the issues.

    One thing that puts me off the iPhone is the amount of people that have it - its almost like a collective mass of iDrones when you walk down the street here. My partner has one and I still use it to for eBay etc.

    Hope you get your 9900 soon!!!

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    08-28-11 04:56 PM
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    Yes, I wanted to love the Torch (I liked OS6) but the slider was too creaky, the kb wasn't quite right. The iPhone is way too common now, I pride myself on being slightly geekier and having a phone that's 'different'. 9900 should be here on Tuesday, can't wait.
    08-28-11 05:37 PM