1. gemsong's Avatar
    Well it's been my experience w/ my many berrys that a master reset is something I have to do that wastes my time, causes hassle and appeases Tmobile.. So when my 9700 started getting the eternal blasted hourglass and warning me that my memory was low when I have not that many apps anyway, etc.. I knew I had to do the reset and was fully expecting to contact Tmo back and say now what...
    Well imagine my surprise when the reset worked, I was able to get my apps back w/ little hassle.. and.. no hourglass, no low app message.
    07-24-11 02:17 PM
  2. Rootbrian's Avatar
    Did you wipe and reload with BBSAK? Security wipe doesn't completely wipe and reload the OS, just databases. I'm happy that you're happy

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    07-24-11 04:19 PM