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    To get Maps up and working on your Bold isnt hard. With joint work by me and nanu we have managed to get Maps working, read on to find out how, just remember your bold has to be connected to your computer some of the time for this to work.

    On Your Computer
    First Download this file:Maps this includes the information for your bold extract to a folder on your desktop called maps.
    Second go to BlackBerry Internet Service and delete your email accounts, trust me you will get them back, dont worry.
    Thirdly open up desktop manager, go to Backup & Restore - Advanced - File (Its in the top left) - Open - Click on bbmaps&wlm.ipd - Click on service book in the left panel - Click the symbol of right arrows. (The service books on your bold will be lost, dont worry you will get them back)

    On Your Bold
    Fourthly go to Options - Advanced Options - Host Routing Table - (You will see lots of info but we only need to use the top two, 234 UK [23403330] and Wi-Fi [60], Click the blackberry button,dont know what its called, the button on the left lol and click register now. Do this on both.
    Fifthly you will now recieve two messages, read and delete both.

    On your computer
    Sixthly go back to BlackBerry Internet Service and set up your email accounts again.
    That's it Maps should have stayed on your phone, all this time only now it will work. Enjoy, please tell me if anything is wrong and i will check for you.
    09-08-08 04:54 PM
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    Windows Live Messenger
    Download this Windows Live Messenger and extract it to your desktop to a folder called WLM. Then using Desktop Manager click application loader>add applications>browse, locate the folder WLM and select WLM.alx and install WLM in the options and make sure you uncheck the boxes for anything you don't want as there are other items within that file/folder!
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