1. W i l l's Avatar
    Hi Guys,

    Dont really know whether this can be done or not... I have 3 personal email accounts and I had grouped them into a new folder i created. Wonder whether this folder created can be set to 'active' or not, meaning once a mail enter either one of the 3 email accounts, there will be an * indication on this folder.
    08-07-09 02:50 AM
  2. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    No. You will only see an asterisk on an individual account if
    you enter the folder.
    08-07-09 03:00 AM
  3. W i l l's Avatar
    ok... so sad..

    Then am I able to stop my work mails being pushed to my Bold when i am in office?
    08-07-09 03:25 AM
  4. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    There may be an easier way but here is what I do.

    Options > security options > firewall > Set status to Enabled >
    Check off BIS and / or Enterprise Server (depending on what you
    use) > put a check in Specific Address > enter your work email
    address and they will be blocked.

    To undo it when out of the office I reverse all of that.
    08-07-09 03:36 AM
  5. W i l l's Avatar
    tks.. but how to enter my work email address? there are only "Contacts" & "Specific add" options for me to choose.
    08-07-09 04:09 AM
  6. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    Oops!! I left out a part, after checking off the boxes press the
    menu button and choose Configure Exceptions, press menu again
    and select add email address, then you will have
    the field to enter the address. My apologies.
    08-07-09 04:14 AM
  7. W i l l's Avatar
    done!.... thanks... the add. keyed in the Exceptions was blocked.. great..

    08-07-09 04:24 AM
  8. W i l l's Avatar
    sorry.. it dont work.. i tested it out.. its incoming message from "contact list"... i need to block incoming TO "contact list" which means any message sending to my work mail shall be blocked
    08-07-09 04:34 AM
  9. W i l l's Avatar
    i am afraid this is to prevent receiving Message from a specific address and not Preventing a specific address (my work add.) from receiving mails.

    Forgive me..
    08-07-09 04:47 AM
  10. cavingjan's Avatar
    Are you on BIS or BES? If BIS, you can log into the BIS site and set a filter (pound in any random set of characters) to only include emails with the filter in the title. You just have to manually change this at the start and end of the day.

    Alternatively, you could set up a profile for when you are at work. Set the email accounts in question to not notify you of new emails from those accounts. The emails are still coming in but it won't beep or vibrate all of the time. You can then use Profiler to automatically switch to that profile during business hours. Not 100% what you want but might have the desired effect.
    08-07-09 08:39 AM
  11. W i l l's Avatar
    Thkx guys... One more qns. The mute button is the mute + pause button durin the media player. Whenever I paused my songs, went to do other stuff and hit the mute to standby my phone, my music will resume. Anyway to fix that?
    08-08-09 01:59 AM