1. iLive an iLife's Avatar

    So I switched to the Verizon iPhone whenever it was released back in March. I've been severly missing my BlackBerry and want to switch back. I've had my eye on the 9930, but the Canadian launch has me a little worried. Just wanted to know what some of you think.

    1) Is the camera really as bad as everyone keeps saying it is? I know auto focus is missing. I usually just take pictures when I'm out, nothing special. Will I be able to tell a huge difference? Is it a deal breaker?

    2) I've read mixed reviews on here about the battery life of the device. Is there a general consensus about the battery life? I am a moderate user and just want to be able to make it through a day.

    The iPhone has been great, but I'd really like a qwerty again. Thanks for the input guys!
    08-13-11 07:07 PM