1. Ceodud's Avatar
    Hey people,

    I'm looking forward to a speedy response to my problem. So here it is; I was updating the software on my blackberry bold 9780 and everything was going smoothly until I reached the final stage of the update. At the point where the phone restarted, in order to continue the updating process, I would need to enter my password on the device. However, each time I clicked on unlock, I got the same response as I would have gotten if I had clicked on cancel . So, that pretty much put me in the position where I was unable to do anything, so I removed the USB cable from the computer and afterwards did a battery pull (actually battery pulls) and still I got the same response when trying to enter my password. There´s also this file that was created on my computer called "Loaderbackup.bbb". So at this point, I am unable to access my device directly without the ability to input the password, I'm also unable to do anything while it is connected to a computer because It still requires a password and I cannot input that.

    Someone please help me... Tell me what to do...
    10-12-13 10:27 PM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Hope you made a backup. Take the battery out of the phone, start Loader.exe again, it will wipe it to error 507. Put the battery back in, and run Loader again to install the OS, then restore your backup after.

    In the future, turn off the password before upgrading. If a password is forced by IT policy, use Desktop Manager to upgrade instead.
    10-12-13 11:33 PM
  3. Batter Pudding's Avatar
    Having a password on the phone does not stop upgrades. I have always had a password - not via an IT policy, just personal choice. While the OS was being regularly updated I never needed to remove it. Jumping through v4xx, v5xx and have been happily rocking with v6.66 OS for a ages now.

    Certainly never saw this issue appear at any upgrade. So you do not need to remove your password to upgrade a Bold 9780.

    What OS version are you updating from/to? You also don't mention if you are working via Loader.exe or the Desktop Software.

    One thing that caught me out the first time I used the phone with the laptop is the fact my password was "numbers". Or at least I typed on the number pad. Which, of course, meant it was really letters when connected to the PC....

    You describe the fact that when you tried to enter your password the phone acted as if "cancel" had been pressed. What, exactly, was coming up on screen at the time that was asking for the password? How far through the update had you got?

    Certainly safe to just reattempt the upgrade. My first ever upgrade went FUBAR. I left the phone sitting on the desk for hours after restarting... and it never came back to life. So, like you, I just pulled the battery. Then I started again. And second time the upgrade took.

    One thing that can be misleading is the TIME it takes at that first restart. Sometimes it seems to take forever to boot up. I updated a Curve the other day for a mate. And that one seemed to "freeze" when it rebooted. Told my mate to be patient. Sent him to put the kettle on and make a cuppa. And sure enough - next time we checked the phone had finished up the upgrade without troubles.

    I am a little confused as to why your phone is asking for a password in the middle of the upgrade procedure as that is certainly not normal.
    10-14-13 02:43 PM

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