1. Marc21's Avatar
    ok so i pulled the battery out of my bold 9700 to put a new one in.. however

    when it started back up
    i first saw the background was not loading
    it was not noticing anything from the media card

    i then also coudlnt call anyone or get into my messages

    i then got an error 523 app error

    i now cannot even plug it into my pc to backup or reload new software as it freezes

    what should i doo??

    thanks guys!
    04-26-10 09:44 AM
  2. cutdacheck2003's Avatar
    Take the battery out and plug it to the pc and see if it recognizes it.
    04-26-10 09:48 AM
  3. Marc21's Avatar
    Ok Tried
    when i go onto desktop manager it cannot see the phone?
    and the phone has a thing on the screen with a line through the battery on it?
    04-26-10 10:00 AM
  4. Marc21's Avatar
    This time im going to reload the newer operating system from vodafone as orange dont have the latest one

    how do i go about wiping the device to then put it back on?

    04-26-10 10:12 AM
  5. cutdacheck2003's Avatar
    Here is how you can wipe the device http://forums.crackberry.com/f3/how-...l_cmder-53502/
    04-26-10 10:13 AM
  6. Marc21's Avatar
    how can i reload the new operating system and then put all my device back on e.g. bb contacts and memos etc?? and my third party apps?
    04-26-10 10:16 AM
  7. Pete6's Avatar
    Before you go an wipe your phone, change the battery back again. The symbol you saw was a dead battery symbol. This happens for a number of reasons.

    - a dead battery
    - a flat battery
    - a confused phone that just needs an hours charging and it will recover

    Please try this before you go and wipe all your information.

    You may have to wipe anyway but this is worth a try first.
    04-26-10 10:17 AM
  8. cutdacheck2003's Avatar
    04-26-10 10:20 AM
  9. Marc21's Avatar
    i have put the battery back in and charged it
    it loads up however its the same problem the phone does not work properly
    it just freezes when i go on messaging or phone or anything
    then app error 523 comes up

    when i connect it to the pc it recognizes it for a bit and then just freezes and cant go no more it just as if its still trying to load it

    can i try and backup my contacts on BBM ? before i wipe it?

    my memos have been backed up via smrtguard and contacts
    but that does not backup my BBM contacts
    what should i do?

    it is not recognizing my media card either so i cannot put them onto there
    and there is no way to get it off the device?
    04-26-10 10:22 AM
  10. cutdacheck2003's Avatar
    If you have bbm 5 it is linked to a certain email address that will allow you to get your contacts back.
    04-26-10 10:55 AM
  11. Pete6's Avatar
    This phone sounds like it is in trouble. If it is under warranty - and it should be, then you should ask for a replacement asap.

    There are many threads for reloading the Operating System (OS) on a dead BlackBerry but if you don't feel like doing that and you can easily get a new one, I'd do that.

    I am worried that this is not just an OS problem - it probably is - and the BlackBerry is actually faulty.
    04-26-10 11:00 AM
  12. Marc21's Avatar
    ok sure right im going to try and reload the new OS and see what happens
    im not sure if i should just get a replacement
    they may issue me with one as i have insurance but it most likely will not be a new one

    okwill try reload it first
    04-26-10 11:09 AM
  13. Marc21's Avatar
    Hey guys
    ok so i have now wiped my device
    and it shows the 507 error

    hjowever i want to reload it with another carriers software as it is the newer version

    i have looked at the guides

    and the guides say you select the loader.exe from the program files and common files area

    however i am wondering as i downloaded the new carrier software and it is its own .exe? do i select that instead?

    as when i select the loader.exe it tries to install the previous OS i had on before?

    04-26-10 12:43 PM