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    I bought a 9900 on a 24-month contract with Vodafone UK two days ago and am already having serious problems with it.

    It was working fine earlier, when its battery started to sharply decrease (couldn't work out how to stop applications) and eventually after switcvhing it off to conserve power but ultimately switching it back on, it finally reached its limit and didn't switch on again.

    A few hours later when I got home I plugged it in to my USB, where a charging symbol appeared. I then decided to plug it into the wall as it is a stronger current and a red LED appeared for a while, then disappeared. The device then appeared to wake up, the trackpad lighting first followed by the command buttons followed by a rebooting screen. Sometimes the boot up symbol appears in the corner momentarily - before the phone shuts down. This cycle has continued repetitively and the phone has not loaded up, or connected to Desktop Manager since.

    I have tried pretty much everything suggested on forums - battery pull, cleaning battery pins (even though it's little over 24 hrs old), blowing inside, taking battery out while plugged into USB/wall charger and re-inserting, removing Desktop Manager, pressing escape key, pressing ALT+CAPS+DELETE, changing the socket the wall charger is in, using the charger from my (also broken) Pearl 3G. I can't reboot the OS as it does not stay on long enough to connect to my computer - I get the 'reboot/battery dead' error. I am completely at a loss what to do other than return to the store and complain, but if I get a new phone it'll be several days and I'll lose my applications (all free and from AppWorld) and the contacts I re-entered after my Pearl died.

    My Pearl lasted only 2 weeks which was bad enough but 24 hours is a new low, especially as I have signed a 31/month contract lasting 2 years. Surely it would be a serious issue if simply running the battery down flat could completely destroy both the battery and phone, and surely there would be warnings all over the box and paperwork if this was the case. This incident is the first I have known about the problems involved with completely draining all power.

    Any help solving this would be much appreciated. The phone is currently plugged into the mains and doing its reboot cycle - whether it is actually charging the (presumed completely flat) battery I am unsure. I have also posted this on BB forums but some issues seem to be solved here I thought I'd post this here too, I just really want my Bold back because I enjoyed the 24 hours I spent with it!!!

    Thanks in anticipation
    08-25-11 07:51 PM
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    I had an old BB that did this and it turned out to be a faulty battery. Best thing you can do is take it back to the carrier and complain. Maybe try another battery if you know anybody else with a JM-1 battery.
    08-25-11 07:58 PM
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    I'd say take it back - at least the shop will see the issue and get you a new one. It sucks, but issues are bound to happen with them.
    08-25-11 08:01 PM
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    Like the above post says - why waste time trying to remedy the situation when you can just return it. If they can't see the fault then get a refund...its only been 2 days.
    08-26-11 01:10 AM
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    Take it back or ask for a new battery, don't forget the phone comes with one year warranty.

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    08-26-11 01:19 AM
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    for a new phone that you just bought, a replacement is always the best solution.
    08-26-11 01:40 AM
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    I agree with the above, as the phone is only a few days old then they are oblidged to give you a new phone.

    Voda are renowened for saying you only have 7 days for taking back a faulty handset (after that its warranty repair) but the Sale of Goods Act says you have a 'reasonable time', that time been decided by the courts, NOT vodafone.

    Anyway, as your under 7 days then they will give you a replacement.

    08-26-11 03:03 AM